Manchester United predicts Manchester City’s starting lineup against young people: Grealish will get a chance, Haaland will continue to start

Manchester Evening predicts Manchester City's starting lineup against Young People: Grealish will get a chance, and Haaland will continue to start. SportsTalk, October 25th, a reporter from the "Manchester Evening News" predicted Manchester City's starting lineup for the Champions League match against Young People. At 03:00 tomorrow morning Beijing time, Manchester City will go

SportsTalk, October 25th: A reporter from the “Manchester Evening News” predicted Manchester City’s starting lineup for the Champions League game against Young Boys.

At 03:00 tomorrow morning, Beijing time, Manchester City will go to the away game to face the young people in the Champions League group stage. If Manchester City can win If they win this game, they will have a high probability of qualifying for the knockout round. It is reported that Guardiola may change Manchester City’s starting lineup against Brighton, with Ederson, Ruben Dias, Grealish and Kovacic all likely to return to the starting lineup.

Manwan reporter predicts Manchester City’s starting lineup:

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melon Diola will want to take the game seriously as he must prepare for the Manchester derby at the weekend. If he plans to start Grealish in the Manchester derby, it would be best to let Grealish find his form in this Champions League group stage. Both Dias and Ake can play in this game, because Akanji will be suspended in the next game and he will not be able to play in the Manchester Derby. Stones should take his place. But considering that Stones has missed most of the season due to injury, Manchester City will not let him bear too much load. Kovacic had the opportunity to start in the midfield with Rodri and the B seat, and their performance left a deep impression. Alvarez is currently in good form, having impressed during the international break and should be available for the Manchester City derby at the weekend.

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If Ederson has no problem with his physical condition, he should return to the starting lineup. Dias should also start in this game, and I hope Stones can continue to stay healthy, because the Manchester derby is obviously a more important game than this game, and Akanji will not be able to play in the Manchester derby. As we all know, Rodri’s position is unshakable and Manchester City needs to win this game, so he will continue to start. Foden, who performed well last weekend, is another man who could be rested for the Manchester derby. Docu also performed well in last weekend’s game, but Guardiola said he cannot play three games a week. Grealish’s playing time has been reduced since Doku joined City, but games against youngsters should suit him.

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Qualifying from the Champions League group as soon as possible is Manchester City’s top priority at the beginning of this season. Therefore, in this game, they should still spare no effort to win the game, but That doesn’t mean there won’t be changes to the team’s roster. Dias should return to the starting lineup to allow Stones to rest. Akanji should start as he is unavailable for the weekend’s Manchester derby. Rico Lewis and Ake can serve as full-backs, and Rodri will definitely be one of the starters given his importance, but this game also provides opportunities for Kovacic and Nunes. Grealish should move back to the left and Doku should stay on the right. In addition, Seat B and Foden should get a chance to rest, and Haaland should continue to start.

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