Spanish media: Tebas wanted to use the La Liga compliance report to sanction Real Madrid, but TAD canceled the sanction

Spanish media: Tebas wanted to use the La Liga compliance report to sanction Real Madrid, but TAD canceled the sanction. SportsTalk On October 25, according to the "Espanyol" report, La Liga President Tebas reported to La Liga's social disciplinary judge in 2022 Real Madrid and use compliance report against Florentine

SportsTalk on October 25. According to the “Espanyol” report, La Liga President Tebas reported Real Madrid to the La Liga Social Disciplinary Judge in 2022 and used the compliance report to punish Florenti The club led by Nou has imposed sanctions. After the club appealed to TAD, TAD claimed that La Liga violated Article 25.1 of the Constitution and declared the sanctions against Real Madrid invalid.

La Liga announced sanctions against Real Madrid on August 29, 2022, but TAD revoked the decision only two months later. The employer-sponsored conflict arose over Real Madrid’s UEFA Champions League membership and its expulsion from the audiovisual rights control and management body along with Barcelona.

Tebas claims that Real Madrid used control bodies in UEFA Super League proceedings at the 17th Commercial Court in Madrid March 1, 2022 Minutes of the meeting, which has now been canceled by the Ministry of Justice, revealed that La Liga was imposing sanctions on European Super League clubs. Precisely, the precautionary measure of the Madrid Provincial Court prevents Real Madrid and Barcelona from being subject to any sanctions for belonging to the company.

On Monday, a judge ruled that Tebas violated the law by expelling two clubs and quashed the decision made at a meeting held last year. decision. In support of his complaint to the social disciplinary judge, the La Liga president used a compliance report signed by director Bernard Quiros.

This area of ​​employers’ associations has been embroiled in ongoing controversy over Tebas’ potential to exploit this important sector for personal gain. In addition to the case, Bernal-Quiroz’s work has been interrupted by news such as an advertising contract with Iran and alleged payments through Dubai ATMs. “El Espanyol” also reported that La Liga’s audiovisual director ignored ethical standards and issued an invoice for 500,000 euros to its television rights company.

TAD reminds La Liga and Bernal Quiros that Real Madrid is “unprofessional”mental conditions, nor is it incompatible with any type of contractual relationship with La Liga” and “cannot consider itself or its representatives to be professionals bound by a code of ethics.”

The resolution added that Real Madrid’s conduct cannot be classified as a “violation under Article 69.2e) of the Articles of Association. Therefore, the TAD concluded that the resolution of La Liga’s Social Disciplinary Judge “violated The principle of typicality, that is, the principle in the sense of normative predetermination of the imposition of sanctions.”

Therefore, “Article 25.1 of the Constitution “The regulations have been violated” and the sanctions and decisions taken by La Liga must be declared invalid. The Bernal-Quiros report states that “good governance principles and ethical principles apply to members of controlling bodies”, thus supporting Tebas’s request to society The disciplinary judge sanctioned Real Madrid’s complaint.

Tebas wanted to prove that Real Madrid had an interest due to his status as founder of the European Super League Association Conflict. However, the recent decision of the Court of First Instance No. 63 of Madrid once again emphasizes that this does not represent a conflict of interest that could constitute a waiver or avoidance of participation in all points of the day.”

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