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Moment of glory! River Plate U15 team displays the “Happy Island Cup” championship trophy to 60,000 fans at home

Moment of glory! The River Plate U15 team showed the "Happy Island Cup" championship trophy to 60,000 fans at home. SportsTalk, October 26th. Before the Argentine Professional League Group Stage match between River Plate and Atlético Independiente at home this morning, Beijing time, all members of the River Plate U15 team presented to the home court. ball

SportsTalk, October 26, Beijing time this morning before River Plate played against Atlético Independiente at home in the Argentina Professional League Cup group stage match, all members of River Plate’s U15 team showed the home fans what they had done not long ago. The “Happy Island Cup” championship trophy won by Fujian, China.

All members of the River Plate U15 team took the trophy and circled the field to celebrate this achievement with the 60,000 fans present. In the previous final of the Fujian Zhangzhou Happy Island International Invitational Tournament (U15) on October 9, the River Plate U15 team defeated the Chinese football team 2-0 and won the championship.

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