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French media: Paris plans to introduce left back Oliveira in the winter window, Ekitic may leave the team

French media: Paris plans to recruit left back Oliveira Ekitic in the winter window. SportsTalk reported on October 27 that according to Le10Sport, Paris Saint-Germain has begun planning to sign Mathias Oliveira in the winter window. is one of the goals. According to reports, the summer window in Paris

SportsTalk, October 27 According to Le10Sport reports, Paris Saint-Germain has begun planning winter window signings, and Matias Oliveira is one of the targets.

Reports say that the Paris summer window plan has been successfully implemented, and now Campos and Enrique hope to continue to use the winter window to build The team is particularly concerned about the position of the left back. After Nuno Mendes was injured in April, he will return in 2024, and Kurzawa cannot provide stable protection. Therefore, Paris will try to strengthen the left back position in the winter window with the 25-year-old Uruguay international who plays for Naples. Matias Oliveira is one of the targets.

Like Xia Chuang, Campos hopes to complete the task quickly and efficiently so that new players can quickly join the team for training. It is reported that this transfer may involve a budget of close to 20 million euros to 30 million euros, and Paris has saved a lot of salary budget by letting important players such as Messi, Neymar, Ramos, and Verratti leave the team.

In terms of leaving the team, Ekitic is no longer in Paris’s plan, and he may leave Paris in the winter window.

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