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Chasing a dream: Paul is a hall of fame level player. Coming on as a substitute sets an example for the team

The warriors defeated the Rockets 106-95 in the NBA regular season. After the game, the warriors were interviewed by reporters.

Speaking of Paul coming off the bench in this game, The dream chaser said: “Paul will be selected into the hall of fame in the future. He is one of the best point guards in history. He is willing to play a substitute role in this team, which sets an example and sends a message. But when you have a hall of fame player, he substitutes without complaint and plays a positive or negative value of +22, which shows a lot. Therefore, I think we will get motivation from it and try to build a good team.”

Then he followed his dream and said: “Paul came off the bench. Other players must follow his spirit. I think it is very important, especially considering our performance last season. You know what conditions are required to win. One of the very important conditions is the cohesion and unity of the team. It is these factors that shape this unity.”

In this game, dream recovery ushered in the first show of the season. He started for 21 minutes, made 2 of 4 shots, scored 0 of 1 free throw, got 4 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists, and made 4 mistakes, with a positive and negative value of +2. Paul made 3 of 8 shots in 27 minutes, got 8 points, 5 rebounds, 7 assists and 1 steals from 2 free throws, with a positive and negative value of +22 to win the game.

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