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Keane: Manchester United must change in some way, and I will start by depriving captain buffy

When sky sports analyzed the Manchester derby, commentator Roy Keane said that Manchester United should deprive fee B of the captain’s armband.

Keane said: “as far as today’s game is concerned, I will certainly deprive B fee of the captain’s armband. I know this is a major decision. He deprives Maguire of the captain’s armband, but B fee is not the captain’s stuff. He is a talented player, but he is complaining and lamenting that it is really unacceptable.”

“What we are talking about is making a change, and the change must start from a certain aspect. Whether from the board of directors, the management or the coach, I will start from this point, because the coach has the ability to do so. He can say, ‘listen, I made a mistake.’ as for the captain, B fee is just the opposite of what I want.”

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