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Western media: Real Madrid can give priority to buy back Kubo Jianying, but the potential high salary of players in the future may become an obstacle

According to Spanish media relevo, Real Madrid has the priority to buy back Japanese star Jianying Kubo, but the potential high salary that players can get in the future may become an obstacle.

This season, Kubo Jianying has performed very well in La Liga. So far, he has been rated as the best player in the spot six times, and he has also been elected the best player in La Liga in September.

It is reported that according to the contract, Real Madrid will have 50% of the transfer share for Kubo Jianying in the future. Now, the club owns 100% of the ownership of the Japanese winger. The club can choose the best bid. However, if Real Madrid intends to buy back, they can take the player away with up to 30million euros (60million euros).

However, the focus of the deal is not on the transfer fee, but on the high salary that players can get in the future. It is understood that Kubo Jianying has many favorable offers from the Premier League, and the annual salary after tax can reach 5million euros. Interested parties will launch a fierce pursuit for him as soon as the winter window in January.

There is no doubt that once Real Madrid decides to buy back Kubo Jianying, the Premier League team with stronger economic strength will be the biggest threat to the white shirts. Real Madrid believes that giving the 22-year-old Japanese winger a higher offer than the Premier League team will break the salary structure of the club, affect the atmosphere of the dressing room and undermine the normal operation of the first team. Therefore, Real Madrid will wait and see what happens. At the same time, they will also pay attention to Kubo Jianying’s performance.

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