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Bocetino: don’t worry about the game against Tottenham. We did well against the strong teams

Chelsea are currently 11th in the Premier League after losing to Brentford. The Blues will challenge league leaders Tottenham in the next round of the Premier League away game. Bocetino said he was not worried about this game because the team performed very well against strong teams.

This will be pocetino’s first return to Tottenham stadium since he was fired by Tottenham in 2019. Speaking of the next showdown with his old club, pocetino said: “before the game against Tottenham, we have another Carling Cup game in the midweek. After the Carling Cup, we will discuss the league.”

“We have played against Liverpool and Arsenal. We played very well, but look at the game lost to Brentford. When the opponent was a team like Nottingham Forest, we controlled the game, but we just couldn’t score. The opponent retreated too far.”

“There are too many people in the restricted area, and we are struggling. But when the opponent is Liverpool and Arsenal, we play very well, and the game becomes completely different. That is why I don’t worry. We have to move on, win the Carling Cup next week, and then prepare for Tottenham.”

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