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British media: Ratcliffe will not fire Ten Hag after taking the stake, but he will take over the team’s recruitment work

British media: Ratcliffe will not fire Ten Hag after taking the stake, but he will take over the team’s recruitment work. SportsTalk, October 31 According to the British media inews, Ratcliffe will not fire Ten Hag after taking the stake. But it will take away the team's transfer rights. Ratcliffe's letter to Ten Hacher

SportsTalk, October 31 According to British media inews, Ratcliffe will not fire Ten Hag after taking shares, but will take away the team’s transfer rights.

Ratcliffe’s trust in Ten Hag has not been shaken by the fluctuations in Manchester United’s share price, but Ten Hag may be reduced The aspects that you are responsible for. When Ratcliffe’s investment was finally confirmed, an audit of the football operations was underway. As far as I know, this includes handing over player recruitment to a dedicated person, so that Ten Hag can focus more on coaching.

Ratcliffe is expected to conduct a detailed and thorough audit of United’s recruitment process, data operations and the way transactions are processed. It is understood that this is modeled after Manchester City’s operating methods. Before Guardiola was appointed, Manchester City already had Ferran Soriano as the team’s CEO. In addition, Tesiki Begiristain was also appointed. Appointed Director of Football. Earlier this month, reports emerged that former Tottenham Hotspur head of player recruitment Paul Mitchell would be Ratcliffe’s first choice as sporting director following the takeover of Manchester United.

However, people are still worried about the prospect of the Glazer family still controlling Manchester United. In the recently concluded Manchester City derby, Manchester United lost Losing to Manchester City 0-3 at home, Manchester United is in urgent need of a change to change the team’s current situation. After Jassim’s consortium withdrew from the acquisition of Manchester United, the negotiations for Manchester United’s acquisition have accelerated significantly in two weeks. The consortium led by Ratcliffe has been hoping to complete the investment in Manchester United as soon as possible, but it is not expected that this week Any resolution will be made and no decision will be announced to the public. An insider revealed: “The transaction is expected to be finalized before the end of November, and we are still confident that the transaction will be completed.”

However, Ratcliffe still recognizes Ten Hag’s work privately, and he should not be under a lot of pressure. One INEOS source said: “Everyone can have an opinion on what went wrong or what went well., but it’s hard to make some big decisionsuntil you’re really involved. ”

Although Manchester United’s performance in the Manchester City derby was very disappointing, any mid-season coaching change will send a message. Wrong information. But Manchester United’s performance at the start of the season is indeed unsatisfactory, and Ten Hag is not completely immune to criticism. In the game against Manchester City, Ten Hag’s move to replace Hoylen caused Manchester United The dissatisfaction of the fans was interpreted as impatience with Hoylen’s insignificant role on the field. Unlike last season, Ten Hag’s substitution adjustments have been significantly reduced this season, and his team There is no obvious improvement in his performance.

However, Ten Hag’s composure as Manchester United coach is still worthy of praise Manchester United’s due diligence on him praised his ability to work under tremendous pressure, and his working methods will not change due to outside interference. Although the wind of reform is about to sweep Manchester United, Ten Hag’s position should be very Stable.

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