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Leno: I would rather play with a strong Premier League team than a weak Europa League team. Neuer’s recovery level is the best in the world

Leno: He would rather play against a strong team in the Premier League than a weak team in the Europa League. Neuer’s recovery level is the best in the world. SportsTalk, October 31st. Fulham goalkeeper Leno recently accepted an interview with Sky Sports Germany, in which he discussed the Premier League. The league's VAR issue and talked about his chances with the German team

SportsTalk October 31st Fulham goalkeeper Leno recently accepted an interview with Sky Sports Germany, in which he discussed the VAR issue in the Premier League and talked about his opportunities in the German team and The exchange with Nagelsmann also talked about Neuer, who had just returned.

– Regarding the VAR situation in the Premier League:

Leno: “We had a few calls where you thought, ‘What the hell was the video assistant referee doing?’ Like the game against Manchester City, Haaland himself said to me Said: ‘If this counts as a goal, I’m laughing my ass off.’ Then when the goal counted, he turned to me and laughed.”

“As a player, you only feel that the referee or the video referee must be the only one on the court who does not understand the situation. So I think this problem is not only true in Germany, but also in Germany. It’s the same here.”

– Communication with German coach Nagelsmann about next summer’s home European Cup :

Leno: “The goalkeepers have more to do with goalkeeper coach Andreas Kronberg Communicate. In the German team, they will not show their cards, and the communication is only about themselves. Nagelsmann said it well before, it largely depends on the state and momentum of a certain player. How. I don’t know, and I don’t think it’s the tendency for me.”

– About Noy Leno: “I’m happy for him to be back on the court again and I hope he recovers again.” to the best level. Neuer has alwaysThey are all topical figures, and as long as he is still playing football, he will continue to be a topic. When he reaches his top level, he is the best goalkeeper in the world. 90% of people would probably say: ‘Come on, it doesn’t matter, I’ve built my career, I’ve made a lot of money, I’m happy with that. ’”

“But Neuer wants to prove himself to everyone, especially to himself. And this may be the difference between the top goalkeepers and the best. ”

– On how he strives for attention for the opportunity to play at home in the European Cup without European competition:

Leno: “I play in the best league. There are some differences between the Bundesliga and the Premier League. I would rather play against Tottenham, Chelsea, Manchester City or Manchester United at the weekend than play against a team from Azerbaijan or Albania in the Europa League. If someone says something about a player’s quality or a chance to show off, then it’s a lame excuse. ”

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