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Perkins: Harden hasn’t realized the seriousness of the problem and he may be out of the league next year

Perkins: Harden has not realized the seriousness of the problem and he may leave the league next year. SportsTalk, October 31, well-known commentator Perkins talked about Harden's situation on the "First Take" program today. "Here's the thing," Perkins said.

SportsTalk, October 31st. Well-known commentator Perkins talked about Harden’s situation on the “First Take” program today.

Perkins said: “The thing is like this, now for the 76ers management, it is best for them to tell Ha clearly. Den ‘Stay in Philly, don’t go on the road’, and if Harden doesn’t realize the importance of that, he has himself to blame. Guess what? I have a feeling he might be out of the league next year. Now Philly knows he He wants to be traded. The whole league knows that he wants to be traded, and the Clippers certainly know it. But the Clippers are indifferent. They are only willing to offer a first-rounder, and the 76ers will not accept it.”

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