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Former Inter Milan coach talks about replacing Giroud: If Jovic assists the winning goal, it will be a good substitution

The former coach of Inter Milan talks about replacing Giroud: If Jovic assists the winning goal, it will be a good substitution. SportsTalk, October 31 News: In this round of Serie A, Milan drew 2-2 away from Naples. Former Inter Milan coach Sturt Ramaccioni talked about Pioli's substitutions. Pioli in the 81st minute

SportsTalk, October 31st: During Milan’s 2-2 away draw with Naples in this round of Serie A, former Inter Milan coach Stramaccioni talked about Pioli’s substitutions.

Pioli replaced Giroud who scored twice in the 81st minute. This made Giroud very dissatisfied. After the game, Pioli Ollie’s substitution also caused controversy. Stramaccioni, who serves as a guest commentator on DAZN, said: “Being a coach is the most difficult job. I admire Pioli very much. He is a coach who can take advantage of existing conditions and help players grow. Not all coaches All can do this.”

Stramaccioni went on to say: “Yesterday it was clear that Giroud did not like this change. Man, this was the second time he was substituted after Milan’s game against Juventus. However, if Jovic, who comes off the bench, can assist Calabria in scoring that decisive goal, then it will be a great success for Pioli. A good substitution. The coach is always the center of attention.”

In the first minute of stoppage time, Floren Qi made a pass from the left, Jovic passed it with a header, and Calabria’s header from a close range missed the chance to win.

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