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It’s good to have fewer catfish! Gewei played for 30 minutes, scored 25 points in 7 out of 10, and scored 7 out of 9

In the NBA regular season, the lone ranger beat the visiting bulls 114-105 at home to win four consecutive games in the first season.

In this battle, grant Williams, a new aid of the lone ranger, played well and made 4 3-pointers and 4 shots in the first half.

In this game, Gewei made 7 of 10 shots in 30 minutes, made 7 of 9 three points and 4 of 5 free throws, scored 25 points, and recorded 5 rebounds, 1 assists and 1 steals. The positive and negative value was +13, the second highest in the game (second only to +15 of lively).

Gewei scored the highest in the regular season of his career with 25 points. He scored 25 points against the Raptors on January 22 this year (on behalf of the Green Army).

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