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Wife talks about Cross’s future: it is estimated that Saudi Arabia will not offer him any more and will not go to China and Russia

Cross’s wife Jessica recently visited the cross brothers’ podcast einbach mal luppen, in which she talked about the future of the Real Madrid midfielder.

Cross extended his contract with Real Madrid in the summer until June 2024. Jessica said: “it’s good that he continues to play. It’s too early to talk about summer, but of course he won’t play forever. It would be great if he could end his career here.”

Cross had criticized many players for joining the Saudi League. Jessica also smiled at cross: “in Saudi Arabia, you have made many friends there. They will no longer take you as a gift. I don’t think there will be any offer from there.”

It is worth mentioning that Jessica, who met cross in 2008 and has been working together since then, always has a say in his decisions. She also said in the program: “I will veto China, which is not my choice at all. As for the United States, I have the problem of flying fear. Everything is too far away. Russia has always been ‘never’.”

Jessica has also started to worry about Cross’s life after hanging up his boots: “now everything is football, football. So it will be great when you can decide what you want to do at any time. But somehow, it makes people feel that something is missing, including me.”

Jessica said with a smile: “many other players’ wives have said to me: ‘when they retire, it will be the worst.’ now I am curious about what it will be like.”

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