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The sudden emergence of Serie A’s outstanding player, will he succeed Di Maria and assist Messi in the future?

The sudden emergence of Serie A's outstanding player, will he succeed Di Maria and assist Messi in the future? In the 10th round of Serie A, the match between Cagliari and Frosinone turned into a goal battle. Cagliari pulled back 40% from a 3-goal deficit, although Frosinone eventually lost 3-4. Defeated, but Mathias scored twice in the game -

The match between Cagliari and Frosinone in the 10th round of Serie A turned into a goal battle, with Cagliari trailing by 3 goals Even though Frosinone lost 3-4 in the end, Matias Sule, who scored twice in the game, left a deep impression on people. He scored twice in the 23rd minute. In the 37th minute, he penetrated the opponent’s goal twice and helped Frosinone establish a lead. The 20-year-old Sule can be regarded as the biggest surprise in Serie A so far this season.

Sule was born in Argentina on April 15, 2003. He made his debut from the Sarsfield youth team. In January 2020, he was poached by the Juventus youth team. This year In the summer, Sule decided to go to Frosinone for training. In just a few months, Sule conquered the Italian fans.

Sule usually plays the role of right winger in the 433 or 4231 formation, and occasionally plays the role of No. 10. Under Frosinone coach Di Francesco, Sule was fixed on the right wing. This was a decisive step for both Frosinone and Sule himself. Judging from his performance this season, Sule can no longer be defined as just a rising star in Serie A. He has shown the potential to become a top player in Serie A.

The data is enough to prove Sule’s excellence. As a newly promoted team from Serie A, Frosinone’s prospects are not optimistic. However, Frosinone currently ranks 12th in the Serie A standings, only 4 points behind the European theater, and Sule has contributed a lot. In 8 league appearances this season, Sule scored 5 goals, trailing only Lautaro, Osimhen and Giroud, and tied for the top scorer list in Serie A with Lukaku, Nicolas Gonzalez and others. 4 bit.

However, scoring is not Sule’s biggest highlight. Data shows that Sule is the best dribbler in Serie A this season, and has a huge lead – Sule averages 3.7 dribbles per game, and ranks Genoa attacker Gudmundsson, who ranks second in Serie A, averages only 2.2 dribbles per game. In terms of attempted dribbles and successful dribbles, Sule also surpassed last season’s Serie A dribble king Kvarac Helia ranks first in Serie A – Sule has attempted 53 dribbles this season and succeeded 30 times. Both statistics are ahead of Kvarac Helia (attempted 47 dribbles and succeeded 22 times).

In terms of “key passes per game”, an important statistic that measures a player’s offensive ability, Sule ranks among all players in Serie A 2nd, second only to Naples midfielder Zelinski. Looking at the entire Serie A, perhaps only Lautaro may be qualified to claim to have “a more influential season than Sule.” This player who is accustomed to controlling the ball with his left foot The offensive handball style is fierce, and he is omnipotent in passing, controlling and shooting. He is the well-deserved offensive core of Frosinone.

For Congsu Sule’s breakthrough at Frosinone may come as a surprise to those who have followed him since his days at You.

——Sule’s technical talent is recognized. He has a gorgeous left foot and excellent first touch skills. However, some people have doubted whether Sule really has the ability to directly kill opponents on the court. Ability.

However, in the 2023-24 season, there is no doubt that Sule has proved that he has this ability. Although he is not in Allegor Among the favorite players in Juventus, Sule was activated by Di Francesco. After leaving Sarsfield for Juventus at the age of 16, Sule became a shining star in the Juventus echelon, but he did not work well under Allegri. Not reused – In the 2022-23 season, Sule played 19 times for Juventus and scored 1 goal, but only 5 of these games were as a starter, and the formation (such as 352) in almost all games was not suitable Sule’s technical characteristics.

This summer, Juventus tried to sell Sule, and Leverkusen and Monchengladbach tried to sell him. They were very close to signing him, but could not agree on a transfer fee, and Juventus also considered Sule as part of the Berardi deal. In the end Sule decided to accept Fronosine’s invitation, and he and his youth training teammates Keio Jorge joins the teamFronosine, a club in the Lazio region, is a “cautious” newly promoted team. Sule will definitely get more opportunities here. More importantly, coach Di Francesco has successful experience in cultivating young people. , this environment helps Sulei grow.

Sule is one of three young Juventus players currently on loan at Frosinone. Enzo Barrenechea, who has a close relationship with him, has also become a regular starter at Frosinone and has started 9 times for the team this season, while Brazilian forward Keio Jorge played against Bologna. Won the opportunity to come on as a substitute in the game. With Sule’s amazing performance, more and more people have begun to compare Sule with Argentina’s “Angel” Di Maria. The call for him to return to Juventus has become stronger, but there are also many clubs outside Juventus who are closely Follow him.

Another hot topic surrounding Sule is whether he will choose to play for Argentina or the Italian national team. Sule represented Argentina’s national youth team in this year’s U20 World Cup, but he has never played for Argentina’s adult national team. When Sule was shining in Serie A, Italian coach Spalletti frequently expressed his interest in Sule—— For Italy, which is at a low ebb, it undoubtedly needs an attacker with outstanding personal abilities like Sule. Before Sule made his decision, Spalletti personally came to the Frosinone training ground and talked with him, but Sule was also waiting for the call of his motherland – if he chose Italy, then Sule would definitely be affected by The Blue Jackets attach great importance to him, but the temptation to play for his motherland is also huge. After Di Maria retired from the national team, Sule also has great hope of becoming the answer to the right winger position of the Argentine team.


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