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Spalletti witnessed Scamacca’s 2 shots and 1 pass, Gasperini: He can become the main player of the national team

Spalletti witnessed Scamacca's 2 shots and 1 pass. Gasperini: He can become the main force of the national team. SportsTalk, October 31. In this round of Serie A, Scamacca scored 2 goals and provided 1 assist. Atalanta coach Gasperini says Scamacca can become a regular in the Italian national team

SportsTalk October 31 News In this round of Serie A, Scamacca scored 2 goals and assisted 1 time. Atalanta coach Gasperini said Scamacca could become the main center forward in the Italian national team.

In the 10th round of Serie A this morning, Atlanta defeated Empoli 3-0 away from home, scoring 2 shots and 1 pass. Kamaka is the biggest contributor. The Italian national team coach Spalletti came to the scene to watch the game and saw Scamacca’s wonderful performance. Scamacca moved to Atlanta from West Ham United this summer. Although he has suffered some injuries, he has scored 4 goals in 7 Serie A appearances this season.

Scamacca said after the game: “We have to play with this spirit every weekend. In GaspĂ© I have improved under coach Rini, which makes me perform better. I want to play and have fun, and then the opportunities will come. Is joining Atalanta the right choice? Let me answer with my performance on the field.”

Coach Gasperini said after the game: “Scamacca is recovering and he is a young and healthy player. , there is still room for further improvement. Today he has shown his potential, especially in terms of finishing ability. He has different characteristics from Hoylen, but he can become the main center of the Italian national team. We are all working hard to help him Become a top-level player.”

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