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Shanghai media: Xu Genbao’s beating of Cai Huikang and other disciples was actually a “three-hearted tip bag” given by his elders

Shanghai Media: Xu Genbao's beating of Cai Huikang and other disciples was actually a "three-hearted tip bag" sent by his elders. SportsTalk, October 31st News Regarding the details of yesterday's Haigang Team disciples' special trip to Chongming Island to visit Xu Genbao, "Shangguan News" published an article Looking back, they also commented that Xu Genbao continued to

SportsTalk, October 31st Regarding the details of yesterday’s Haigang Team disciples’ special trip to Chongming Island to visit Xu Genbao, “Shangguan News” published an article to review, and also commented that Xu Genbao kept beating his disciples We are actually gifted by our elders with the “Three Hearts Tips”.

Wu Lei is the core of the local players of the Haigang team, the backbone of the “East Asia Six Tigers”, and the key to cultivating outstanding talents at Genbao Base. ceiling. Xu Genbao went straight to the point and pointed out Wu Lei’s “problem”: “You are still too impatient. Arguing with opponents on the field is also a battle of wits and courage, and it is also part of football. Of course we in the circle understand it, but ordinary people may not understand it and think that Chinese players If you don’t play football well, you will quarrel. You must remember that in addition to excellent football skills, you must also have good football skills.”

This championship win In the Tianwangshan battle, the Haigang team received two red cards in the first half. Cai Huikang and Lu Wenjun were sent off. Fortunately, other players such as Yan Junling, Zhang Linpeng and Wang Shenchao were united and used tight defense to ensure the championship.

“Shandong Taishan team center Fellaini, you even punched Zhang Linpeng. I’m really worried that Zhang Linpeng will fight back. , then you may get another red card – but you are calm!” Xu Genbao has lived and trained with this group of players for more than ten years and knows everyone’s character well. “Yan Junling may have psychological shadow after making a mistake on the field, but this game is very important. Good to get rid of the shadow, especially after the team received two red cards, Yan Junling performed better. I have never worried about Wang Shenchao, he seems to have never received a red card since he was a child, and I have never seen you get angry.”

For Lu Wenjun and Cai Huikang, who were dyed red respectively, Xu Genbao turned on the “gentle version” of the hair dryer mode. “Lu Wenjun should not push the opponent with your hands when defending. It would be a pity to get a red card. Otherwise, this goal would be so crucial!” Xu Genbao pointed the finger at Cai Huikang, who was stained red by “choking his neck”. “You should be the last to criticize. It’s you, you have to learn a lesson, this action is very bad! This chokehold action is used by special forces during war, you may have to be suspended. You have always been very good at the base in the past few years.After training under me, did you switch to martial arts? ”

Xu Genbao also pointed out another problem of Cai Huikang: “I have always told you, don’t talk nonsense on WeChat and Weibo. You are now famous as a ‘lightbulb’. I really want to remind you again, including yesterday’s red card. I must remind you. ”

Strictness is love, laxity is harm. After his disciple won the championship, he came to visit his mentor. Xu Genbao was not dazzled by the flowers and applause. On the contrary, he frequently poured cold water on his disciples, asking them to summarize and discover problems in time, and never to be blinded by the champion.

Xu Genbao also said bluntly , the disciples once again helped him realize his dream of “631”. “After the Shanghai East Asia team surpassed the league, I proposed the goal of 631, which is to enter the top six in the first year, the top three in the second year, and win the championship in the third year. “Xu Genbao said that he had not realized his dream of winning the championship. “Winning the championship is the most difficult thing and requires the support of large funds. Later I transferred the team to SIPG. Since taking over the team, the Haigang team has won two championships for Shanghai. The biggest contribution is to SIPG. This is the honor of the Shanghai Haigang team. The team members just came to thank me for my training back then, but the biggest credit goes to SIPG and Harbor Club, who have devoted a lot of energy and financial resources. ”

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