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Dong Lu: China’s national football team is not good at summing up, so it should make concerted efforts to communicate with each other

Recently, Dong Lu said during the live interaction that the national football teams in China are not good at summarizing, and he suggested that they should work together to communicate with each other.

Dong Lu said: “Chinese football is just not good at summing up historical experiences and lessons. No matter which age group you are facing, it is a difficult proposition. How can we get out of Asia. Therefore, many games, even if their age groups are different, face the same problems. U15 countries play less in Japan, which is basically the same as the national team playing Japan; U17 plays in South Korea, which is not fundamentally different from the National Olympic games playing in South Korea.”

“If we can share the whole process of each echelon of the national brand in the competition, how to arrange troops, what happened in the competition, and what problems occurred, if the people of this series can communicate together, we can save a lot of detours, because the lessons of one team can let another learn from history. But this is extremely difficult in China. Even if one day several brothers sit together and analyze After a while, let’s finally listen to the leaders. There is no way. This is culture. “

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