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Murphy: Maguire and wheat saved tenhah. He should be glad that the two “abandoned children” stay

On the evening of November 4 Beijing time, in the 11th round of the Premier League, Manchester United defeated Fulham 1-0, ending two consecutive defeats, relying on the winner of fee B. After the game, Murphy talked about Manchester United in his personal column.

Murphy wrote: “Teng hah may think he is lucky that two key players appeared on the way out of class, which won him a little breathing space. Maguire and mctomminay were the two best players in the team’s game against Fulham at Craven farm stadium, while the rest of the team were mediocre. They were the two people who really managed to hold on in some difficult times and helped Manchester United to the bottom, and then B Fei won the winner Opportunities.

“When Anthony, who was signed by tenhah for 85million pounds, failed to realize his value again and was booed at the end of the game, Maguire and miketominai played as if they had a chance to prove themselves. Both of them had to wait a long time to return to the team’s starting position, but being pressed on the bench could become a driving force for some players to play.

“To be fair, tenhah doesn’t think he is the kind of person who will feel embarrassed to see his two ‘outcasts’ perform so well. On the contrary, he will be very happy, and he should do the same. Saturday’s three points is a very important first step to restore confidence after two disastrous defeats at Old Trafford. As time goes on, you are told to do everything possible to keep the opportunity to stay at Manchester United when you have the opportunity. This is Maguire and McGuire What ketominai did.

“Now, both of them should be the first players in the midweek game against Copenhagen. In modern football, we may hear more about how strong a player’s skills and abilities should be, but in fact, firm willpower is an underestimated quality, and it is still very important. In particular, Maguire showed great determination to overcome setbacks. In Saturday’s game, I thought Maguire would be replaced after playing for a while. But he insisted , he played very well both in defence and on the ball.

“Apart from the two of them, fee B’s ability is to fall between the two defenders. The overall performance of Manchester United still only shows more problems, rather than providing solutions. They did not perform well against a team that has been struggling all the time. Manchester United lost balance again. Fortunately, onana made a better save.

“Now Anthony has given us a problem. It cost a lot of money to sign him, but he hasn’t done enough in terms of creativity, scoring goals or the attitude of playing hard. I think he hasn’t redeemed himself through practical actions. When things don’t go well, he gives the impression that he is a little grumpy. What I want to convey is that players should continue to work hard. When a creative player’s team plays well, he is more tolerant It’s easy to go through a bad time. But Anthony has to do more. If he is in the starting line-up against Copenhagen, it will be interesting.

“Fortunately, B fee did show a high personal ability to help the team score. This may keep some critics, including me, silent. For Manchester United, this is a tragic season, and this weak victory can not be regarded as a turning point. Tenghach now knows that he can rely on Maguire and miketominai. He should be very pleased that the two players decided to stay at Old Trafford.”

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