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Guangti: Guangdong South China tiger narrowly beat Qingdao by two points and Xu Xin made great progress in this game

On the evening of November 5, Beijing time, in the sixth round of CBA competition, Guangdong South China tigers played an away game against Qingdao Guoxin aquatic products team, and finally defeated the opponent 111-109 to stop the losing streak.

01/ key to success

After two consecutive defeats in the new season, the advantages and disadvantages of Guangdong team have also been amplified. In this battle, Qingdao team obviously aimed at the weakness of Guangdong team’s internal line. At the beginning of the game, Qingdao team frequently launched attacks on Guangdong team’s internal line. Qingdao team led Guangdong team 56:53 at half time.

Fortunately, Brooks and waters connected the team in time in the second half, and performed very well in both defense and attack. Especially at the beginning of the third quarter, Brooks scored 12 points with free throws and led the Guangdong team to play a 15-2 climax, surpassing the score. “Water brother” waters also scored the key goal calmly and steadily at the last moment of the game, and finally Guangdong team narrowly defeated Qingdao team 111-109 away.

In the whole game, four players of Guangdong team scored double points. Brooks got 29 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists, waters 26 points and 7 rebounds, humingxuan 15 points and Xu Jie 10 points.

02/ rookie

The most impressive player in the whole game was the 18-year-old rookie yanghansen of Qingdao team. He scored 26 points and 15 rebounds in the whole game, and 6 of them were front court rebounds. In addition to foreign aid Powell, he put considerable pressure on the Guangdong team. Powell got the highest score of 41 points.

Xu Xin of Guangdong team also made a lot of progress in this game. He got 8 points and 10 rebounds in the whole game, with the highest rebounds in the whole team. At the last moment of the game, Xu Xin grabbed the key front court rebound, and then Du runwang made up the basket and scored, laying the foundation for the victory of the game.

03/ old problem

After six games in the new season, the interior shortcomings are still the biggest problem for the Guangdong men’s basketball team. At the same time, the details are also lacking in these new generation players of Guangdong team. As liuweiwei, the head coach of Qingdao men’s basketball team, said after the game: “it’s a pity that today we also fought to the last minute. The main problem was in the third quarter, only 14 points were scored. In terms of details, one of our rebounds failed to defend well, which ruined the game.”

I hope the young players of Guangdong team can grow up as soon as possible and help the team to a higher level.

Event forecast: at 19:35 on November 8, Shandong Expressway vs Guangdong South China tiger

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