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Xu Genbao praised Yu Hai: The last ball was taken directly to the baseline. He was really experienced.

Xu Genbao praised Yu Hai: The last ball went directly to the baseline. He was really an experienced player. SportsTalk reported on October 30 that according to reporter Chen Hua, this time at the invitation of Xu Genbao, Yu Hai, who was not one of his disciples, also came with the Chongming disciples. Arriving at the Genbao base, Xu Genbao said to Hailao

SportsTalk October 30 According to reporter Chen Hua, at the invitation of Xu Genbao, Yu Hai, who was not his disciple, also came to the Genbao base with the Chongming disciples, and Xu Genbao was Yu Ebido’s experience is also very appreciated.

Yu Hai is from Henan, but he has played football for Shanghai Jiangwan Fujin Football Club since he was a child, and his training location is in Jiangwan. Yu Hai’s most famous game was actually a 15-0 sweep of Han Han’s amateur student team. In Shanghai, Yu Hai also trained with young Shanghai players of the same age to prepare for the National City League. At that time, the Shanghai team’s training base was at Genbao Base, and he lived with Wu Lei and others. “I remember there were still 6 people in a room. I stayed for 3 months.”

This time Yu Hai came to the base was a special invitation from Xu Genbao. When Xu Genbao commented on the players like a father, he was full of praise for Hai’s experience, “How old is Yu Hai? The last ball was given to you by Oscar. You could have passed it back to Oscar, but you didn’t pass it and took it directly to the baseline. If The pass was wrong and Shandong Taishan counterattacked. The referee must wait for the attack to end, which is hard to say. He is really qualified to play football.”

Yu Hai also spoke during the speech, talking about a past incident: “When our club came to the base to play friendly matches, Director Xu would ask every time, is Yu Hai here?”

Yu Hai was the star player of the team at that time. He played in the A-League before he was 18 years old, but he also often played in youth games, so Xu Genbao also treated such top players at that time. Astonishing.

Yu Hai, who has played for the Harbor Team for 8 years, believes that he matches the team’s temperament well, “I feel like playing here It’s very comfortable and I can focus on football itself. The disciples at Genbao Base are excellent both in terms of skills and character. It’s incredible to me that I can win two championships with them. Before I transferred to join, I thought I could It would be great to win the league championship onceIt’s amazing, I really didn’t expect it. ”

It is reported that Yu Hai’s contract ends at the end of this year, but he has been busy preparing for games and has not discussed the future with the club. In this regard, Chen Hua analyzed that Yu Hai’s experience is fully qualified to serve as an assistant coach and player, using the old players to lead the young people, just like Zheng Zhi did at the beginning, focusing mainly on transformation, but he can also play for about 15 to 30 minutes at critical moments.

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