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Bayern CEO: Neuer is a great contributor & will negotiate contract extension at the right time, hopes Musiala will stay at Bayern forever

Bayern CEO: Neuer is a great contributor & we will talk about renewing the contract when the time is right. I hope Musiala will stay at Bayern forever. SportsTalk, October 30th. Bayern CEO Drayson recently accepted an interview with Bayerischer Rundfunk, in which he talked about Neuer and Musiala. Bring up the topic of contract renewal. Neuer last week

SportsTalk, October 30, Bayern CEO Drayson recently accepted an interview with Bayerischer Rundfunk, in which he talked about the contract renewal of Neuer and Musiala.

Nuel Neuer returned after a ten-month truce in the league last weekend. Dressen was interested in renewing his contract. The topic said: “He has played one game now. I think we should let him play now. Then we will sit down and talk calmly at the appropriate time.”

Neuer’s current contract will end in the summer of 2024. Drayson emphasized: “We have many things to thank Neuer. He is part of our Bayern DNA. Bayern Always try to be associated with these players for a long time who have made a huge contribution and celebrated great successes with the club. Neuer is one of them. When he comes back in the right way, why shouldn’t we continue to walk with him? What about this road?”

Dresson also praised Neuer’s performance against Darmstadt after his return. : “He did a good job, even very well.” This week Bayern will also play a German Cup game and a weekend league away game against Dortmund. Dresen said: “This is a challenge for him, and he accepted it. A challenge, and will complete the task well as always.”

As for the outstanding 20-year-old player Musiala, Drayson He hopes that Bayern can be bound to him for life: “I would very much hope so.”

“Musiala He’s a great player now, has such incredible talent and still has so many possibilities to continue to improve, and we’re going to try to keep him with us as long as possible.”

Musiala’s contract ends in the summer of 2026Since then, he has been linked with many of Europe’s top clubs. Dressen said: “Muciala is one of the most valuable players in the world.”

Club president Hainer was also there Said in a recent interview: “Muciala has a contract with us until 2026. He knows what he has at Bayern Munich and knows that all the doors here are open for him. I hope he will be with us for a long time. Time. Neither of us is in a hurry right now.”

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