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Cassano criticized Mourinho: too conservative and playing for 0-0. Strong teams will no longer want him.

Cassano criticized Mourinho: too conservative & a strong team will no longer want him because of 0-0. SportsTalk News on October 31 In this round of Serie A, Roma lost 0-1 to Inter Milan, Cassano was When he was a guest on the video program "Bobo TV", he talked about this game and expressed his gratitude to the Roma boss.

SportsTalk October 31 News In this round of Serie A, Roma lost 0 to 1 to Inter Milan. Cassano talked about this game when he was a guest on the video program “Bobo TV” , and criticized Roma coach Mourinho.

“Inter Milan played a great game and they deserved to win. Thuram’s goals and assists have already Reached 9, he had a good start to the season and he surprised me. I’m happy for Aslani, he came on and performed well. Barrera also performed well and started with his legs Recovered. Inter Milan did not suffer, only Sommer’s save on Cristante was very good. Inter Milan played a wonderful game, they played in their comfort zone. This is Inter Milan, they have a strong team The team, they have ideas, they have confidence, they are favorites.”

“Mourinho? This is the kind of coach he is , but there is a difference: if he had Eto’o, Milito and Sneijder, he would do more, but the first thing he thinks psychologically is not to concede the ball, and then if you have good players, sooner or later it will Goal.”

“When I say he is not suitable to be a coach, it means that Mourinho cannot give a team Anything, when he can win the championship, he is very good, he will make you feel important, he is very strong in this aspect. But this is not the essence of football. When football develops to a certain stage, strong teams will not If we want him again, Manchester United will send him away, Tottenham will send him away, and Roma will also send him away.”

” Lukaku is already having a hard time, everyone is booing him, but it’s not worth it. How did you expect Roma to play like this? Not a single reporter asked him what he thought about the game, how he organized the game? Why did he To play these games that are not worth playing? Guys like Mourinho are doing fine in Italy, Allegri too, sooner or later they will be finished, their team will not pass the ball three times in a row when he has a strong When he was in the team, even when he coached Porto, he could win if he had strong players.Mi, he has a super team. In Barcelona, ​​he put two buses in front of the goal. At home, he scored an offside goal and a penalty kick was not awarded. I don’t care that he took Roma to the final twice, De Zerbi and Bielsa may not win but you will be excited when you see their team. What I enjoy more is not winning but playing football and entertaining people. “

“Mourinho is such a coach, I have been saying it for a long time.” His team didn’t take a shot and only played for 0-0. What was he thinking? ”

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