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Women’s Football Ballon d’Or winner Bonmati: Guardiola is my idol and Mehab is my favorite player

Women's Football Golden Ball winner Bonmati: Guardiola is my idol, and Mehab is my favorite player. SportsTalk, October 31 News Barcelona Women's Football midfielder Bonmati won the 2023 Women's Football Golden Globe Award. This is the first time in her career Winning this award is the third consecutive year that a Barcelona player has won this award. state

SportsTalk, October 31st: Barcelona Women’s Football Midfielder Bonmati won the 2023 Women’s Football Golden Globe Award. This is the first time in her career that she has won this award, and it is also the third consecutive year that a Barcelona player has won this award. Awards.

Bomati said in his acceptance speech: “I am very honored to receive the Golden Globe Award tonight. This is an extraordinary event in the sports world. year. Football is an individual sport but also a team sport, so I would like to dedicate this award to all my teammates, staff, staff at Barça and the national team, and obviously I wouldn’t be here without all the achievements that have been achieved this year. ”

“I am very nervous. I have not slept well for several days. I came here to attend the largest gathering in world football. It’s a dream for me, the feeling of being here is unique and something I cherish very much and I’m lucky to play for such a great club as Barca and also for the Spanish national team. In Spain and at Barca, I have a lot of people around me The best players, they make me better every day. Not only that, but also the best staff, our coach Jonathan, we have been to the Champions League final three years in a row, which is a very complicated thing, It also speaks to our mentality that this will last for many years and we will win more titles.”

“I have played for three clubs , CD Ribes, CF Cubelles, thank you very much and above all Barca, my club, under the leadership of Laporta, for supporting us when no one believed in us and for giving me the opportunity to become a professional footballer , when I was a kid, who would have thought that I would be playing at the Camp Nou, we are a world-class club. Thanks to my family, my friends, my team, so the people who have been with me and helped me along the way, and most importantly They are my parents. The spirit of struggle and perseverance flows in my blood. I have to thank you for this.”

“Being able to work with melons I am very proud that Diola was born on January 18th. He is my idol. I have never seen him play football, but I have seen him play with Xavi, Iniesta, BuThe glorious era that Schets and Messi brought to Barca, it was the happiest time of my life and for someone like Guardiola to praise you and compare you to Iniesta is unique, Iniesta , Xavi, Messi and other players are my favorite players. ”

“Will he win more Ballon d’Ors?” I don’t know, but who I am and what I know about myself is that I am an ambitious, self-demanding person and that makes me better every day and never say never and I will keep fighting and make people I see a better Aitana Bonmati every day and remember that individual awards are won after great team work and I would not have been without the Champions League with Barca and the World Cup with the national team. will be here. ”

“This year has not been easy for Spanish football. We have to face many things and no longer just focus on Football, we now want to get back to the most important thing, which is football, and we know we have left a legacy off the pitch. ”

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