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Dillon unleashes his dominance, Charmander shows his dominance; the Suns were overturned by the Lakers, and there are deep-seated problems under the X factor

Dillon uses his domineering body, and Charmander shows his dominance; the Suns are overturned by the Lakers, and there are deep problems under the X factor 1. Charmander shows his dominance. Many times, there are early signs of the outcome of the game. Even if you are the lagging side, if you work hard enough, you can feel a strong premonition of winning. This is the Rockets' comeback against the Pelicans today.

1. Charmander shows dominance

Many times, the outcome of the game will be decided in advance signs. Even if you are the lagging side, if you work hard enough, you can feel a strong premonition of winning.

This was the case in today’s Rockets comeback against the Pelicans. In the fourth quarter, the Pelicans held the Rockets’ 5-6 point lead for a long time. The Rockets tried to catch up several times, but the Pelicans responded. But the momentum has reversed, and the Rockets’ desire to win frightened the Pelicans, so much so that the Pelicans were a little unable to play later. Ingram’s last two shots were both difficult pull-ups from beyond the three-point line, and both made sense. In the first shot, he had already cleared the shooting space, and in the second shot, there were 6 seconds left in the game. The Pelicans are three points behind, so they have to shoot three points anyway.

There is nothing wrong with Ingram’s personal choices.

The problem is that Ingram’s 15.8% three-point shooting rate this season and the difficulty of the two shots are highly dependent on personal ability. Development – Why doesn’t Willie Green design some tactical starting moves to seek better three-point opportunities?

Because the rocket is too fierce.

In the last few minutes, Dillon used body + blade armor throughout the whole process. As long as Yingge and Hairdryer came into contact with his body, If you have to drop the ball, the cost of making a mistake and being counterattacked is greater than not making a shot. More ball handling equals more turnovers, so the PelicansWe can only give the ball to Ingram early and let Ingram make a non-contact shot with the ball.

Of course we are no strangers to Dillon’s ferocity. The Rockets got two veterans in him and VanVleet to gain outside leaders. Anti-aggression is not surprising. But the Rockets’ ferocity today is not limited to Dillon, and he is not even the most ferocious –The person who blew the charge horn was Shen Jing, and in the last few minutes, he was the most aggressive player.

Charmander did these things:

Protecting the rim causes a fight with Varan, indirectly providing Green with opportunities to counterattack and score points;

Transition The ball sent a fake pass and then forced the kill, causing Varan’s 6th foul;

With Hawkins already getting the front board, Robbery from behind, the score is 2+1, followed by a domineering roar and demonstration, weakening the opponent’s rookie’s spiritual defense by 3 points;

Radical and aggressive robbery, Almost succeeded;

Forced a foul;

Another aggressive steal and almost succeeded;

Intercepted Fat Tiger’s ball and finally succeeded in stealing.

The milk is fierce and the milk is fierce.

If Di Lung’s personal temperament is that of a shirtless social boss with a tattoo of a dragon, then Shen Jing’s ending The performance is a bit like thugs in suits. He took off his gold-rimmed glasses and kicked him in a series, making him so hard that he was not easy to mess with.

This should be the content of the game for young teams——Aggression, energy, hard work, toughness, and unwillingness to admit defeat.

Compared to the 5-game winning streak, the change in the team’s temperament and confidence may be more important. For Shen Jing, this may be a “this is my horse” game. The aura of the team leader has begun to take shape.

2. The Suns were overturned by the Lakers, deep-seated problems under the X factor

In the fourth quarter, Reddish made a three-pointer from the corner in a similar position, but Diop and Goodwin did not. It seemed to be the X factor that determined the outcome of the Lakers-Suns game.

That’s right, that’s it.

But it is meaningless to dwell on the randomness of three-pointers. Compared with making and missing shots,for the Suns The more important thing is that in one quarter, when Goodwin and Diop need to take a combined 4 three-pointers from the bottom corner, they have already lost half of the game.

Looking at the entire game, the Lakers were not as energetic as the Suns. The Lakers have lacked energy in many games this season, so I won’t go into details here.

However, the Lakers’ start to the fourth quarter of this game was energetic and full of energy. At this time, the Lakers’ lineup is Reeves, Reddish, Hachimura, Wood, and James. Nongmei is not present, but given Nongmei’s condition today, his absence may be helpful to the team.

Actually, who the Lakers players are on the field is not even the most important thing –The important thing is that the Lakers really start to defend seriously . The entire chapterIn the fourth quarter, everyone’s discipline was online, their positioning to prevent pick-and-roll delays, weak-side support vitality, and rotation concentration were all online. The Suns suddenly felt a sudden increase in pressure, and it was not so easy to get shooting opportunities.

On the offensive end, the Lakers started from hereThe entire five-out position (note: the offensive and defensive strategy of the Lakers’ comeback, pinch and hold Counterattack with the ball and five outsiders to open up space can be said to be the ancestral rescue plan of the James system.). The Suns’ initial strategy was to flank the ball holder, while the Lakers moved the ball step by step close to the three-point line. The Suns’ initial defensive rotation speed was obviously not enough, so that the Lakers did not even move the ball very quickly, but when Reddish arrived, there was also a huge opening.

At the beginning of the fourth quarter, the Suns, who were more energetic in front, were hindered by the Lakers who had improved their vitality. The Lakers’ three-quarter stretch and late-game play is familiar to everyone this season – this style of wanting to advance but then suppressing is really very Hollywood.

Then there is the most important X factor of this game. The response performance of the two sides’ three-pointers from the bottom corner is very different, causing the Suns to fall behind. . The Suns also made two adjustments:

First, they no longer flank the ball holder;

The second is to keep Gordon and Allen in the final lineup and not dare to add a few pseudo-3D shooters.

Both options will weaken the ability to press the ball handler, so James and Reeves have grasped it. Opportunities, scoring in pick-and-rolls and one-on-ones.

In addition, the Suns’ substitutions may have weakened rebound protection to a certain extent, resulting in the loss of two key rebounds in the end. .

But that’s not the point. There is nothing wrong with Vogel’s adjustments based on the situation.

The key is that after the Suns improved their space, the offense did notGet loose. Two coordination errors at the top of the arc determined the Suns’ subsequent offensive options.

These two goals reflect the Suns’ precision in handling the ball under high-pressure defense. doubt.

Similar to the Pelicans mentioned above, in order to avoid mistakes under the pressure of defense, the Suns played in the last few minutes. It’s simple and crude. It can make a one-on-one shot without any fancy tricks. Durant is awesome! Strong shooting can still help the team survive, but this method can occasionally hit two, but it cannot solve all the problems.

In the fourth quarter, the Lakers made 3 turnovers and the Suns 4. It seems that the Suns only made one more mistake. In fact, in the final decisive stage, the Lakers’ victory was basically determined only once, a baseline pass error, and the Suns’ two key mistakes in cooperation at the top of the arc directly led to the ball. The team’s confidence in continuing to cooperate tactically is gone.

In the field of ball distribution, the Lakers’ advantage was finally reflected. One of the most worrying flaws of the Suns was actually exposed in the two crucial fourth quarters against the Lakers at the beginning of the season.

Of course, when the Suns have all the Big Three, maybe with frontal firepower and not playing complicated basketball, it is still possible to play regular basketball. Time pushed the Lakers away.

But hidden dangers still exist. After all, the Suns are not the Big Five. Apart from the Big Three, there are two opponents left to make a fuss about. Quota. The extent to which this will hurt the Suns will need to be verified in more games after the three are combined.

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