Football News: The Tianjin Tigers achieved their goals without losing at home this season, Rosa will end the season or leave the team

Football News: Tianjin Jinmen Tigers achieved their goal of being undefeated at home this season, and Rosa may leave the team at the end of the season. SportsTalk News on October 30th: In the 29th round of the Chinese Super League, Tianjin Jinmen Tigers drew 1-1 at home with Shanghai Shenhua, 5 home games this season Won 10 and remained undefeated. "Football News" reported that the Tianjin Tigers

SportsTalk reported on October 30 that in the 29th round of the Chinese Super League, Tianjin Jinmen Tigers drew 1-1 at home with Shanghai Shenhua. They have 5 wins and 10 draws at home this season and remain unbeaten. “Football News” reported that the Jinmen Tigers achieved their season goals.

At the beginning of the game against Shenhua, the Jinmen Tigers continued their usual style of play this season, pressing Shenhua from a high position. Here, the team’s offense is very fierce, the offensive and defensive transition rhythm is very fast, and the game is very fierce. In the 22nd minute, the Tianjin Tigers took the lead in scoring. Rosa received an assist from Vitanov and scored a very beautiful goal. It is worth mentioning that this goal is likely to be Rosa’s last goal for the Jinmen Tigers. There is news that Rosa may leave the team after the end of the season. In the 84th minute, Yu Hanchao, who came on as a substitute, equalized the score for Shenhua.

“Football News” analysis believes that the Tianjin Tigers have made great progress this season. In terms of overall performance, they are the best team in the Chinese Super League this season. The longest unbeaten team; in the Football Association Cup, they eliminated this year’s Chinese Super League champion Haigang; from a technical and tactical perspective, the Jinmen Tigers chose to take the initiative and press high on the basis of defensive counterattacks The playing style was quickly formed in just one winter training period, and the results were good.

Yu Genwei said: “Compared with myself, if I want to be stronger and meet a stronger team, I hope We can make better improvements in individual positions and targeted deployment. In short, we just hope to win when we play against strong teams. I believe everyone can understand us, because football matches are accidental, and in the end we still have to compete with which team. We are stronger. I hope to narrow or even level the gap through hard work, but this will take time. I hope everyone can give us more time and follow our way and goal planning to achieve it step by step. As for what I am satisfied with, it is the spirit of the team. The appearance and scoring method, as well as the performance of each player on the field, implement the proactive and all-out fighting spirit that I have always emphasized.”

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