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Ballon d’Or Chinese judge Luo Ming’s votes: Messi, Haaland, De Bruyne, Rodri, Mbappe

Ballon d'Or Chinese judge Luo Ming's votes: Messi, Haaland, De Bruyne, Rodri, Mbappe SportsTalk, October 31st SportsTalk reported on October 31 that Luo Ming, editor-in-chief of Sports Weekly and Golden Globe China judge, wrote an article revealing that he The Ballon d'Or votes are: Messi, Haaland, De Bruyne, Rodri, Mbappe

SportsTalk reported on October 31 that Luo Ming, editor-in-chief of Sports Weekly and judge of the Golden Globe Awards in China, wrote an article and revealed that his votes for the Golden Globe Awards are: Messi, Haaland, De Bruyne , Rodri, Mbappe.

The content of Luo Ming’s article is as follows:

My Ballon d’Or votes: Messi, Haaland, De Bruyne, Rodri, Mbappe

For the second consecutive year, the Ballon d’Or was awarded quietly, with Messi winning his 8th. Like Benzema last year, there were no false revelations that misled fans beforehand, and there was no huge dispute of words afterwards. All parties basically recognized that Messi won the award based on his performance in last year’s World Cup. Only Guardiola cleverly said: ” It’s better to give one to Messi and one to Harland.”

At this time, I couldn’t help but sigh, how to set the rules for the Golden Globe Award is too important . Starting last year, the Golden Globe Awards changed from annual awards to seasonal awards. If it is still awarded at the end of the year as usual, and last year’s Ballon d’Or had to wait for the end of the World Cup, then Benzema is likely to be overtaken by Messi and miss the Ballon d’Or. This year, Haaland is bound to become the number one player born in the 90s and 00s. A Ballon d’Or winner. Now, players born in the 1980s have maintained their monopoly on the Ballon d’Or. Even since 2016, the Ballon d’Or has been won by “veterans” over 30 years old for 7 consecutive years-this does not include the cancellation of the Ballon d’Or in 2020. Lewandowski missed the chance.

In last year’s World Cup, Messi not only won the championship and the best player, scored 7 goals and 3 assists, but also defeated the Netherlands and Croatia’s assist masterpiece gave him a clear advantage in the race for the Ballon d’Or. My point of view at the time was: “Messi’s poor performance in the Champions League will give other people a chance. And those who want to compete with Messi for the Golden Ball, if they perform well in the World Cup, must also win it with Kante and Chelsea in 2021.” Performance in the Champions League; if World Cup performance is poor, thenWe must show the performance of Benzema in 2022 when he led Real Madrid to win the Champions League and La Liga double crown. ”

In the end, Manchester City won the Triple Crown, winning one more domestic cup than last year’s Real Madrid, but Haaland last season Only one goal was scored in the last 8 games, which cannot be compared with Benzema’s performance in dominating the Champions League last year, not to mention that Haaland has not participated in last year’s World Cup. Other major contributors to Manchester City’s triple crown also did not perform well in the World Cup. De Bruyne (Belgium) and Gundogan (Germany) unexpectedly stopped in the group stage, and Rodri’s Spain was also eliminated by dark horse Morocco in the round of 16. Therefore, ranking Messi first is the most reasonable choice.

Having said that, perhaps it is because Manchester City’s main players left the World Cup early (the B seats and others did not enter the semi-finals) and recharged their energy. It may be possible to sweep the treble in a super busy season. In the UEFA European Footballer selection in August this year, except for Messi, the top five were all Manchester City players. My Ballon d’Or vote, second to fourth All given to Manchester City.

Haaland not only scored 52 goals in his first season at Manchester City. Even if he was targeted in some focus games, even if He missed consecutive opportunities in front of the goal at the end of last season. His huge body and intimidation inside and outside the penalty area still created sufficient space for the technical players behind him, which itself has great tactical value. Haaland occupies the center position and Guardiola’s improvement in the strength of the midfield and backfield (the 3241 formation with four central defenders) are two key factors for Manchester City to realize their Champions League dream. Therefore, I ranked Haaland in second place.

Haaland’s performance in the new season is slightly worse than last season. First, the opponents are more familiar with him, and second, De Bruyne is injured. De Bruyne The superb quick passing is a weapon that helps Haaland break through tight defenses. If De Bruyne did not retire from injury early in the Champions League final, but instead gave a decisive performance, I might hesitate to choose him or Haaland as the second pick.

In the end, it was Rodri who scored the decisive goal in the Champions League final. Rodri had both credit and hard work last season. He not only completed Midfield hub function,He also scored key goals in the Champions League against Bayern and Inter Milan. In the past year (counting from October last year), he was the player with the second most playing time in the world, second only to B Fee. Although Rodri publicly complained that he was tired, he still managed to hold on and helped Manchester City win the Triple Crown. Moreover, after a hard-working club season that was compressed by the World Cup, he also helped the Spanish team win the UEFA Nations League championship. He himself was also elected as the best player in the Champions League and UEFA Nations League. His value is fully demonstrated by the fact that he was suspended for three domestic games this season and Manchester City lost all. Putting him fourth on the ballot, I only worry about underestimating him.

For fifth place, I chose Mbappe. Although Mbappe did not win the World Cup, he became the top scorer with 8 goals and won the Silver Ball Award. His personal performance was dazzling enough. If PSG were better in the Champions League, I would rank him higher.

My Yashin Award votes: Martinez, Onana, Ederson

This year’s goalkeeper selection is much more difficult than the Ballon d’Or. Emiliano Martinez was largely responsible for Argentina’s two penalty shootout wins at the World Cup, but some of his actions were controversial and he was overshadowed at club level last season. However, the club competition did not produce enough candidates to overwhelm Martinez.

Last season, Inter Milan reached the Champions League final, and Onana kept zero seals in as many as 8 games, although this is different from Inter Milan’s Champions League finals. It has something to do with the fact that the overall formation is deeper (Manchester United is the opposite this season), but after watching the Champions League final, we know that Onana’s foot skills help Inter Milan’s backcourt to be calm when facing the opponent’s press.

Manchester City goalkeeper Ederson also has skills with his feet. In the past year, Manchester City’s tactics have been adjusted and their offensive methods have been enriched. Ederson’s long-term Passing has also become an effective means of Manchester City’s offense. What’s even more valuable is that with Manchester City’s ability to control the situation, Ederson often has “idle hands” on the court, but whenever a dangerous situation arises, he can quickly enter the best state and make difficult saves. Recently, he has overtaken Alisson and become the main goalkeeper of the Brazilian team.

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