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Jordanian Kobe Bryant was fined after testing positive for drugs during the Asian Games! But Chinese fans are not happy

Jordanian Kobe Bryant was fined after testing positive for drugs during the Asian Games! But Chinese fans were not happy. Two teams in the Hangzhou Asian Games Men's Basketball Finals, the Philippines and Jordan's top players, Justin Brownlee and Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, were both announced to have tested positive for drugs after the game. The Chinese men's basketball team suffered the most from taking drugs like crazy.

Two teams in the Hangzhou Asian Games Men’s Basketball Finals, Philippines and Jordan

The top players on both sides

Justin Brownlee and Rondae Hollis-Jefferson

After the game, they were all announced to have tested positive for drug tests

They took drugs like crazy, and the worst thing was that the Chinese men’s basketball team was defeated by the Philippines in the semi-finals and missed the final

But According to the rules, if two players in the team are positive at the same time, the results can be deprived. In this way, Chinese fans can only be angry and have no other choice

The above two Asian superstars are naturalized players and both play in the Philippine League PBA

Among them, Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, known as Left-handed Kobe or Jordan Kobe

has not yet been Punished for a positive drug test at the Asian Games

Grandly represented Philippine Telecom in the Eastern Super League and PBA in the 2023-2024 season

The first game of the Eastern Super League was in very average shape, losing to the Chiba Jets of the Japanese B League

In the second battle, simply hang up the exemption card and become a deserter. In the second battle, they will lose to the Chiba Jets again

However, hitting After the Asian Games, he did not forget to make money on the Chinese field field

It seems that he does have a physical problem——

On November 5, the 2023-2024 PBA season will start, and the first cup will be the PBA Philippine Cup

The opening match must be with Philippine Telecom

Last season’s PBA Governor’s Cup champion


But the left-handed Kobe Bryant was still absent, and Philippine Telecom continued to lose – 102:110, losing to the team that also qualified for the Eastern Super League this season. Manila Electric. He waited until November 11, the second game of the PBA Philippine Cup

He finally showed up

But this time he continued to make big moves outside the court——

Only 2 seconds into the third quarter, he hit the opponent’s player with the ball in his hand after a dunk. Directly! He was ejected

After the game, the league imposed an additional fine of 20,000 pesos

It still caused an uproar in the Philippine basketball world, and the Philippine media was all about this matter Report

However, his efficiency has improved: he contributed 14 points, 11 rebounds and 3 assists in only 19 minutes and 17 seconds, 101:98, so, okay , as if his right hand was disabled, he led Philippine Telecom to defeat Huizhong Fiber Optic

According to the old saying, you can’t win with superstars, and without superstars Instead…

November 15th, this Wednesday, is another match day in the Eastern Super League, and both Philippine Telecom and Manila Electric will play

Among them, Philippine Telecom is away from home against the Chinese Taipei PLG dominant Taipei Warriors

The opponent’s leader is Lin Zhijie, who is loved by everyone in mainland China

Left-handed Kobe Bryant & Jordan Yokobe

Rondae Hollis-Jefferson

The Asian superstar who has been clamoring to return to the NBA, but the reality is that he is in a sluggish state and is entangled with drug prohibitions

What will he do? What kind of reaction?

Do you need to take a few puffs or take a few injections before facing off against the Chinese beast who is about to turn 42 years old?


Special statement: I peed myself laughingIt’s not the left-handed Kobe Bryant and his drug test that’s at issue, but the Asian Games Organizing Committee

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