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Lowe: The big four of the Clippers starting together are not effective. Harden should come off the bench and be the sixth man

Lowe: The big four of the Clippers are not effective in starting together. Harden should go to the bench and be the sixth man. SportsTalk News on November 14. Zach Lowe, a famous journalist, talked about the problem of the big four of the Clippers on the "NBA Today" program today and gave Come up with your own solution

SportsTalk November 14th reporter Zach Lowe talked about the Clippers’ Big Four problems on the “NBA Today” program today and gave his own solution.

Zach Lowe said: “The problem with the Clippers now is that the offense is too bad, so the key to all problems is how to make the offense better. .I don’t care what Harden said before, for example, he is the system, he is willing to do anything, he is willing to do this or that, it doesn’t matter, the reality is that the Clippers had a good record before he came. I have an idea, ha The reason is very simple. When their big four started together, the effect was not good and they couldn’t play well. Yesterday, when Westbrook and Kawhi played together, the effect was actually good, but when Ha After Deng and Zubac came back, they couldn’t do it again.”

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