Dortmund general: I should have played better and even had a chance to reverse France. I should be happy to get 1 point in the end.

Dortmund general: I should have played better and even had a chance to reverse Frankfurt. I should be happy to get 1 point in the end. SportsTalk, October 30. Dortmund drew 3-3 away with Frankfurt on Saturday night. Team coach Terzic , athletic directors Kyle and Phil Krueger , Schlotterbeck and Adeye

SportsTalk, October 30: Dortmund drew 3-3 with Frankfurt on Saturday night in an away game. Team coach Terzic, sports directors Kyle and Phil Kruger, Schloter Players such as Baker and Adeyemi gave post-match interviews.

– About the 3-3 draw:

Terzic: “I have mixed emotions today. We saw a crazy game with many scoring opportunities. We could have played better football, But we also proved that even when we were 2-0 down, it was not easy to beat us. We came back twice.”

– Regarding the defensive issues on the left in the first half:

Telzi Qi: “In the first half, we always gave our opponents opportunities to break through and failed to press as a whole, so the space in the backcourt was opened again and again. We also lost important confrontations and failed to hold the midfield line. nearby position to keep the opponent’s attack away from our goal.”

“We have done better in this regard in previous games. It was better, so we adjusted our formation at halftime and brought on two new players. We did a better job keeping the ball after that. Still, we often saw how strong Frankfurt’s counterattack ability was. ”

– On the controversial penalty:

Terzic: “I don’t want to talk about the referee’s penalties. I may make different decisions for some of the penalties, but this does not mean that I will give less Penalties. We’ve screwed up enough.”

– Regarding injured players on the team:

Terzic: “Schloterbeck elbowed Kerber in the face. Hummels was hit in the calf, which involves a nerve, so he can feel it all the way to the ankle. Em Ray Can is still in unbearable pain and is unable to play today’s game. Nmecha has problems with his hip and pelvic area and he gritted his teeth against Newcastle. Brandt and Ryerson trained yesterday, But whether they can start today has always been doubtful.”

– About the next game:

Terzic: “The first will be against Huocun in the German Cup on Wednesday. It will be a tough game against Huocun. Not only have they been in excellent form recently, but they have also won the previous five Bundesliga away games. It will be a difficult task waiting for us. But we are happy to finally have another home game in the German Cup.”

Sporting Director Kyle: “(About the penalty) I was concerned about the scene where the handball penalty was awarded. There are different views. We would have liked to have made the victory ours, but the way the game went: down 2-0, tied, with a chance to turn the game around, behind again – we have to be happy with this point. We can Remaining unbeaten is because we did not lose again and because we equalized again.”

“(About the injured) I Kerber’s injury is not considered serious, he was hit once in the face. As for Hummels, I can’t say anything yet.”

Phil Kruger: “The away game in Frankfurt is again difficult. Everyone knows it is difficult to win here. Unfortunately, we conceded in the first half We got off to a bad start with two very stupid goals. But we showed fighting spirit and played well from then on. Today’s game also proved that the players on our bench can also perform. This That’s what makes a team great.”

Schlotterbeck: “If you look at the course of the game, then you have to say that this is an earned point. After 2-2 you could feel: we were closer to victory. But we conceded an unnecessary goal after a simple loss of possession. “

Meier: “When you look at the whole game, we have to be angry.” Because we were down 2-0 against a team that was overall inferior to us. We want to win every game. But judging from the course of the game, we can be happy with a draw. As the second goalkeeper, I have to be ready at all times because something can happen at any time. ”

Adeyemi:“We always want to win, but we failed to do so today. to this point. The positive thing is that we tied the score twice and I think we could have even turned it around and won the game. But luck was not on our side today. Now we have to focus on the next game and do better what we didn’t do well today. ”

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