A fan held a funeral for Sir Charlton in Ghana: It was he who made me establish the Ghana Fans Organization

A fan held a funeral for Sir Bobby Charlton in Ghana: It was he who made me establish the Ghana fans organization SportsTalk. On November 15, the funeral of Sir Bobby Charlton, the Manchester United star and England legend, was held in Manchester. Today, 4,000 miles away in Ghana, there is a

SportsTalk News on November 15th. On Monday, the funeral of Manchester United star and England legend Sir Bobby Charlton was held in Manchester. On the same day, 4,000 miles away in Ghana, there was a funeral Fans also held a funeral for Sir Bobby Charlton.

The funeral was held on Monday in Tesano, a suburb of Ghana’s capital Accra, with fans attending an outdoor venue for Sir Alex Charlton. During the ceremony, the scene was filled with photos of the 1966 World Cup champion. Fans attending the funeral wore mourning clothes with red embellishments representing Manchester United. There were singing, musical performances and speeches from the event organizers.

This funeral was initiated by an organization called the “Ghana Football Supporters Union”. The founder of the organization, Abraham Boakye, especially wanted to pay tribute to Sir Charlton, who died at the age of 86, paid tribute, and behind this there is a wonderful story between the two people.

According to the “Daily Mail”, Boakye is known as the “One Man Supporter”. And he revealed that this nickname was actually given to him by Sir Charlton.

In 1995, Boakye was the only Ghanaian fan to go to Ecuador to watch the Ghana youth team participate in the U17 World Cup. Bobby Charlton, who was commentating on the game, spotted Boakye, who was alone in the stands.

Boakye said: “During the match between Ghana and Brazil, I was the only Ghanaian fan present. There were about 5,000 fans in Brazil to cheer, but we Finally won the game and won the championship, and brought the trophy back to Ghana. ”

“Sir Charlton was commentating the game for the BBC at the time. He said: ‘This lone ranger supports the entire country by himself. ’ When I returned to Ghana, the media reported about the ‘Lone Wolf Fan’ and I have stuck with that nickname ever since. And on this basis, I eventually established the Ghana National Fans Alliance. “

“Since Sir Charlton’s death, I have been eager to express my gratitude to him. I sent an invitation to the Ghana Football Association and the Ministry of Sports to send representatives to attend the funeral, but they did not come. ”

According to the “Daily Mail” report, in the video of the funeral event held by Ghanaian fans for Sir Charlton, some fans Tears welled up in my eyes.

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