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The National Football Team Asian Cup faces two hidden concerns: opponent’s penalty kick + long injury time

The National Football Team faces two hidden worries in the Asian Cup: the opponent's foul ball score + long injury time. SportsTalk January 13 News In the opening game of the Asian Cup, the host Qatar, which was in the same group as the National Football Team, defeated Lebanon 3-0. After the game, "Sports Weekly" reporter Ma Dexing commented in an article that combined with the opening match of the two teams

SportsTalk reported on January 13 that in the opening match of the Asian Cup, the host Qatar, which was in the same group as the national football team, defeated Lebanon 3-0. After the game, “Sports Weekly” reporter Ma Dexing commented in an article that based on the performance of the two teams in the opening game, the national football team may face two major worries in this tournament.

①Score from a foul ball

In this morning’s opening match, the turning point of the game may have been the goal of Qatar No. 11 Afef before the first half entered injury time. However, looking back at the entire scoring process, we can see the fact that the Qatari team took a throw-in from the left sideline. After the ball was thrown into the field, the receiving player dribbled the ball along the sideline and then made a pass. In the end, Afef broke the deadlock with a kick from behind.

Judging from the entire scoring process, the Qatar team’s throw-in seemed to be thrown in carelessly, but the opponent may have intended it before the game. A well-designed routine and method. The reason why I focus on the way of this goal is that on New Year’s Day this year, I witnessed the national football team conceding a goal in the warm-up match between Abu Dhabi and Hong Kong, China. The Hong Kong team’s goal to tie the national football team’s score can even be said to be very similar to the goal scored by the Qatar team against the Lebanese team. At that time, the Hong Kong team of China threw the throw-in directly to a teammate near the baseline in the penalty area. The latter directly passed the ball back to the penalty spot with his head. The Hong Kong team of China, like Afef, stepped in and volleyed. The ball hit the net.

②Long injury time

As the opening match of this Asian Cup, when the fourth official raised his sign in the second half to indicate 10 minutes of injury time, he couldn’t help but worry. One trend in world football today is super long stoppage time, and West Asian football, especially leagues in countries such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Qatar, are also all about “super long stoppage time.” A game that was originally 90 minutes now appearsMore than 100 minutes is the norm. However, the Chinese Super League still generally has 1 to 2 minutes of stoppage time in the first half and 4 or 5 minutes of stoppage time in the second half. There have been 8 or 9 minutes of stoppage time in very few games. So, when the national team participates in a foreign war and the stoppage time lasts for 10 minutes, how do the national football players respond?

When the Wuhan Sanzhen team made their first home appearance against Urawa Red Diamonds in the AFC Champions League group match in September last year, the Sanzhen team In a good situation, he encountered a 10-minute stoppage time. As a result, due to severe physical exhaustion, he was tied by the opponent in the 5th minute of stoppage time. In this morning’s game, Afef scored twice in the 95th minute, locking the score at 3-0.

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