Klopp: The players want to help Luis Dias with victory, we still have room for improvement

Klopp: The players want to use victory to help Luis Dias. We still have room for improvement. SportsTalk, October 30th. Liverpool coach Klopp accepted a media interview after the team defeated Nottingham Forest 3-0. Talking about this game, Klopp said: "Yes, I am playing.

SportsTalk, October 30th: Liverpool coach Klopp accepted media interviews after his team defeated Nottingham Forest 3-0.

Talking about this game, Klopp said: “Yes, I told the players after the game that in such a game The best thing you can say after the game is – we played very well, but of course there is still a lot to improve on. But that’s obvious. Our goal was brilliant and we showed the patience we deserve. , many times the passes are very smooth and very creative. The players cooperate with each other very well. I don’t know the ball possession rate. I don’t know whether it is 70% or something. I didn’t watch it, but the first goal was once Counterattack.”

“So, we were really good and the third goal was also a counterattack, and by the way, the second The goal was a great team effort. So, yes, very good, definitely a great game. There will still be questions and I can answer them right away. Preparing for this game is the most difficult in my life. I didn’t expect anything like this and I don’t want to exaggerate the importance of the game, but it was. We tried to help Luis Diaz with our efforts because obviously we wanted to help him, but we really It’s not a big deal, the only thing we can do is fight for him, and that’s what the boys did.”

About the kidnapping of Luis Díaz’s parents

“We heard about this late last night thing and then we talked to Luis Díaz and he wanted to go home and we had someone with him and someone there to take care of him. His family is still there and that’s why they want to be together, That’s totally understandable. Later, we got news that his mom had been rescued, which was awesome. But after that, there were no updates. They were working on it, but they were still some way off. We obviously Not the first to get the news but we try to find out as much as we can about everything and we don’t want to disturb them in any way. We’re not thereimportant figures. We just want to provide support, that’s all. ”

After scoring the goal, Jota held up Luis Dias’ jersey to show support

“How do you make a football match really important under such circumstances? It’s really hard. I have never been in this situation in my life. As a player or coach, this has always been my safe place and sometimes my hiding place. For over 90 minutes, you can focus on this. But this is impossible, absolutely impossible to do. So obviously we have to give the game an extra meaning and that is fighting for Luis Dias. Then the lads brought out the jersey and to be honest, I wasn’t 100 percent ready. It was really touching, but also beautiful. That’s it. ”

Liverpool still needs to improve

“We’ve had a lot of weird games this season, let me put it this way, with 10 men taking on challenges, counterattacks, comebacks, things like that. Controlling the game is not often needed. This is the case today with a 2-0 lead. Take the initiative in the game, maintain the rhythm of the game, control the ball, maintain a compact formation, and not give the opponent any counterattack opportunities or corner kicks. This is the critical moment. You may remember, three or four years ago, I don’t know, maybe more, we were suddenly better and more dominant and then leading at home but always under pressure. Being 1-0 up doesn’t mean anything, everyone thinks, ‘Oh my god, 1-0… 10 minutes to go…’ We all saw the equalizer moment, and This is where you need to grow. ”

“The boys have performed well in every aspect, really every aspect, but this is something we have to relearn now . The players in key positions are clearly different than they were back then, and are almost everywhere – forwards, midfielders, defenders. If you want to be more specific, it’s Van Dijk, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Salah and Alisson, these four players are all slightly different from the others around them and that’s where there is room for improvement. ”

“Creativity without losing compactness is the basic idea behind it.” If you have to chase the score, this is obviously oneCompletely different mission. If it’s an open-ended game, then the mission is different, but if you really control the game, why can’t you continue to control it? In the last five minutes before half-time, we suddenly got a little too deep and allowed the opponent to pass the ball deep into the pitch. We had a one-on-one opportunity and we held on, but then they had another corner kick or a throw-in, by the way. , the same goes for Nottingham Forest. When it comes to creative things, you can always improve. It’s always possible because our players have a lot of potential, so we have to make the most of it. ”

McAllister plays No. 6

“That’s obviously not something we’re going to discuss, otherwise we wouldn’t be playing him. I think everyone can see today that a player from one attacking side has an advantage over a player from the other side. In the game, you have to create, you have to pass, you have to change positions. That’s it, because not all shots are on target. If you try something in tight spaces that’s completely normal and I’m totally fine with losing the ball in the box because that’s where we’re supposed to be counter-pressing and it can happen. ”

“I’m really happy for McAllister, he had a lot of great plays defensively and really contained There are similar situations when it comes to the opponent’s counterattack. He’s really good, he performs well in these situations and that’s why we put him on. He’s very good in one-on-one situations and we have to make sure the team has very little space in those situations. We can do that with eight men, wingers and centres. In this case, we can use the central defender to defend the midfielder. And then we have a very creative player in the midfield to link up with Alexander-Arnold at certain moments, which helps, very much. ”

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