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Quotes from Chen Xuyuan: My name is Li Tie. Don’t worry! Football is a noble sport. Don’t let money taint it.

Quotes from Chen Xuyuan: My name is Li Tie, laugh with peace of mind丨Football is a noble sport, don’t let money taint it. This morning, the Intermediate People’s Court of Huangshi City, Hubei Province publicly announced the verdict of the first instance of the bribery case of Chen Xuyuan, the former chairman of the Chinese Football Association, and sentenced the defendant Chen Xuyuan to the crime of accepting bribes. Life imprisonment, deprivation of political rights for life, and confiscation

This morning, the Intermediate People’s Court of Huangshi City, Hubei Province publicly announced the verdict of the first instance of the bribery case of former Chinese Football Association Chairman Chen Xuyuan. The defendant Chen Xuyuan was sentenced to life imprisonment for accepting bribes, deprived of political rights for life, and All personal property shall be confiscated; illegal gains from bribery shall be recovered in accordance with the law and turned over to the state treasury.

Chen Xuyuan’s quotations (part)

June 2019

The 2022 Qatar World Cup is an important node for us, and historical responsibilities fall on our national team On the body. I hope you will carry forward your fighting spirit during the competition. “You will be a hero in life, but you will be a hero in death.” I hope you will play well in every game during the Qatar World Cup qualifiers. I believe our national team will definitely achieve something.

August 2019

I sincerely warn all players here that football is a noble sport and should not be tainted or distorted by money. If you put money first, your career will not have a future. The real backbone of a person is faith and ideals.

August 2019

Wu Lei is such an excellent football player. He went to Espanyol for a physical test, but his muscle quality was not up to standard. When Chinese athletes go abroad for testing, they generally find that their muscle quality is not up to standard.

Chen Xuyuan: I hope everyone will pay attention to Chinese football with a positive attitude and give more positive suggestions

Chen Xuyuan: I hope everyone will pay attention to Chinese football with a positive attitude and make more positive suggestions

May 2020

I hope everyone They can all pay attention to Chinese football in a more positive manner.

November 2020

If you go to see our National Youth Team, my biggest regret is that (the players) are in poor physical condition. They are 19 years old and have almost no upper body strength. They can play at a low level domestically, but they will definitely not be able to go international.

December 2020

National teams at all levels have not entered the World Series in 15-20 years. Our club’s investment is more than three times that of J-League clubs and more than 10 times that of K-League. Player salary is 5.8 times that of J-League and 11.7 times that of K-League. times.

Are we still not awake? Are our consciences dead? Do we still want to continue to live in such a football environment?

December 2020

Regarding salary control reforms, some clubs should not take chances. No matter which club it is, no matter how big the club brand is, punishments will be implemented equally, and we will not be merciful, and we will never make an example again. In the past, the Chinese Football Association had lax enforcement, which had a negative impact. From now on, there will be investment and salary limits, resolutely and unambiguously. Even if I am not the chairman, I will never fail to do so!

March 2021

Football clubs not only have commercial attributes, but also have social welfare attributes, and are a social public product. Professional football clubs require not only the active participation of enterprises, but also the strong support of the government. As a public product that the society cares about, what is really needed is for everyone to contribute to the fire.

April 2021

There are cliques, gangs, cliques, and favoritism in the domestic refereeing community.

May 2021

For the development of football in a city, we have always talked about century-old clubs, which must be non-corporate. It is a symbol of a city and a symbol of football, otherwise how can it be called a century-old club?

May 2021

I hope that the (Chinese Football Professional League Lottery) can be issued as soon as possible. This will be very good news for Chinese football.

June 2021

I told Li Tie to put down all the pressure. I said I’ve seen you very nervous all day in the past two days. You laugh when you see me, but it feels very unnatural to me. I say you can laugh with confidence and let us bear the pressure together.

July 2021

I will play every game in this European Cup Looking at it all, I feel that the gap is too big. People are already taking the lead when they are 19 or 20 years old. IWe are still struggling to promote the U23 policy…

December 2021

As the chairman of the Chinese Football Association, I should bear responsibility for the poor performance of the national team.

August 2022

The current problems with style and discipline in the football industry have seriously eroded the healthy development of Chinese football, seriously harmed the image of Chinese football, and seriously distorted the moral values ​​​​that football should have. It has reached a point where it must be strictly controlled, rectified, and cleaned up. situation. We must act resolutely, with the determination of a strong man and practical work measures to resolutely eliminate all kinds of bad behaviors in the football industry and restore a good and upright environment for Chinese football.

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