Guardiola: Transforming BIG6 into BIG8 is good for football. Champions League promotion is the result of everyone’s participation.

Guardiola: The transformation of BIG6 into BIG8 is good for football. Champions League promotion is the result of everyone’s participation. SportsTalk, December 1st. At 0:30 am on December 4th, Beijing time, the 13th round of the Premier League will usher in a focus battle. Manchester City will Against Tottenham at home. Before the game, Manchester City

SportsTalk December 1 News At 0:30 a.m. on December 4, Beijing time, the 13th round of the Premier League ushered in a focus battle, Manchester City Will face Tottenham at home. Before the game, Manchester City coach Guardiola attended the press conference and talked about the game.

Talk about this game against Tottenham——

Even though they haven’t won in recent times, I know how well they have done and how many chances they have created. Tottenham are very aggressive, we know what his team is like, everyone will fight for the manager’s ideas, I have seen what Postkoglu has done before and now, he makes football become Even better, all Tottenham fans can see their changes.

Big6 is now big8?

It is very difficult for us to win games every season. More teams have participated in the competition. Since I Since coming here, Tottenham has always been our opponent, including during the beginning of Pochettino’s coaching. They are a fantastic team, including against Villa, and they created a lot of chances, which is good for football.

Did the Tottenham Hotspur coach face challenges in his first season in charge? I’m not the right person to make suggestions and they know the reality they are experiencing now. Will they change the way they play to not lose? But they just encountered some situations. They are now missing Madison and Romero. If this were not the case, they would have performed better. I believe they can make adjustments.

Talk about advance promotion to the Champions League——

We all participate, and everyone works hard to do this. People will say that the current results are very good for us. Easy, but not really, we value young people and Red Star Belgrade a lot and if we get through it it’s because we performed well and I’m happy for everyone involved.

The impact of Tottenham’s injuries on them——

If they will change because of this, I think absolutely not. We met in the preseason and I saw everything they did. , I said, I really like their stuff. We faced an excellent team who were good at pressing high and creating chances. Although we won at that time, it was mainly due to the individual performance of the players, and I paid more attention to them.

Tottenham used to be called “Harry Kane’s team” –

I don’t want to make the same mistake again, (now call it “Son Heung-min’s team”). I said before that the coach has an impact on the team, just like Conte The same goes for leading a team, you can see the way they play. I have a feeling that no matter what opponent they face and what result they get, they will do their thing. Both teams will do their thing and it will be a very interesting game.

Looking forward to scoring more goals?

Yes, I encourage fans to come to the stadium and cheer for us. We’ll be happier for it.

The team’s injury situation——

Stones is doing very well now and is close to returning. He will return to the team and be with us. I don’t know when he will be ready. KovaCic is ready to return, and Nunes is also counting down to his return.

Walker’s performance this season——

Walker is still the same as before, but this season the players chose him to be the captain. If there is a problem in the locker room, he must bear more responsibilities. I am very happy for him. Captaining England? I believe he will also be very happy. Now that Kane is the first captain of England and he is no longer a young boy, he will have a lot of experience to show.


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