Bundesliga – Bayern 3-0 Freiburg ranked third, 2 points away from the top spot, Koeman double-shot + magic ball, Sane scored

In the seventh round of the 2023-24 Bundesliga season, Bayern faced Freiburg at home. Koeman scored with a magic goal in the first half, and then Kane assisted Sane to score another goal. At the end of the half, Sane scored but the referee signaled offside and the goal was invalid. Bayern temporarily 2-0 Freiburg; in the second half, Koeman scored Mann scored again. In the end, Bayern 3-0 Freiburg, with 17 points, 2 points behind the leader Leverkusen in third place.

[Key events of the game]

In the 12th minute, Koeman dribbled the ball from the right, and then kicked the ball towards the goal with a pass and a shot. The ball went over the goalkeeper and hit the back post and bounced directly into the goal. Bayern 1-0 Freiburg. ↓

In the 25th minute, Sane got rid of the defense outside the penalty area and scored the ball. Kane followed up and then sent a cross. Sane followed up and pushed the ball in front of the goal. Bayern 2-0 Freiburg. ↓

In the 85th minute, Koeman broke into the right side of the penalty area, then got rid of the defensive player and hit the goal with his left foot. The ball hit the defensive player and changed the line, and then entered the goal. Bayern 3-0 Freiburg. ↓

[Focus moment of the game]

In the 9th minute, Kane sent a pass. Sane advanced and got a chance to score a single goal, but he did not adjust his steps well. The ball was destroyed by the defensive player. Alphonso Davis followed up and shot with the outside of his left foot. Off. ↓

In the 19th minute, Bayern cooperated in the frontcourt. Sane dribbled horizontally and then distributed the ball. Kane tried a low shot from outside the penalty area, and the ball missed the far post. ↓

In the 22nd minute, Kane broke into the penalty area and shot a low shot, which slightly missed the post. ↓

In the 27th minute, Koeman made a pass from the right and Atubolu saved the ball, and then the defensive player made a clearance. ↓

In the 44th minute, Koeman sent a through ball, Sane got rid of the defender in the penalty area, and then succeeded in the goal from a small angle. However, the referee sounded the whistle for offside and the goal was invalid. ↓

In the 57th minute, Koeman sent a cross, and after a scramble in the penalty area, Muller missed the hook shot. ↓

In the 68th minute, Koeman’s left-footed shot went slightly over the crossbar. ↓

In the 71st minute, Sane advanced quickly and then passed to Koeman, whose low shot was saved by Atubolu. ↓

In the 77th minute, Koeman received an oblique pass from his teammate. Facing the goalkeeper, he did not choose to shoot by himself but passed it to Terer. However, Terer was in an offside position. Although he scored the ball, the referee signaled that the goal was invalid. ↓

In the 83rd minute, Goretzka tried a long shot from the outside. The ball was saved by Atubolu and hit the post. ↓

In the 87th minute, Freiburg took advantage of a free kick and scored with a header from Sildilia, but he was offside and the goal was invalid. ↓

There was 4 minutes of injury time in the second half and the game was over. In the end, Bayern 3-0 Freiburg.

[Information on the starting lineup and substitutions of both sides]

Bayern starting lineup: 26-Ulreich, 19-Alfonso Davis, 2-Upamecano (77′ 27-Laimer), 3-Kim Min-jae, 40-Mazrawi, 6- Kimmich (88′ 41-Kretzger), 8-Gretzka, 25-Mueller (42′ 42-Musiala), 9-Kane (72′ 39-Teer), 10-Sa Inside, 11-Koeman (88′ 13-Chupo-Moting)

Bayern substitutes: 18-Peretz, 20-Sar

Freiburg starting lineup: 1-Atubolu, 4-Reinhardt, 5-Gould, 17-Kubler, 25-Sildilia, 8-Egstein (84′ 35- Rudlin), 22-Roland Sauloi (84′ 44-Bruinig), 32-Griffo, 34-Merlin Rohr (46′ 26-Philippe), 42-Don Anlu ( 68′ 7-Weishaupt), 9-Holler (68′ 20-Adam)

Freiburg substitutes: 21-Florian Muller, 4-Schmidt, 33-Markengo

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