Shenhua technical director: Chinese players showed great talent from 13 to 16 years old, then disappeared

Shenhua Technical Director: Chinese players showed great talent from 13 to 16 years old and then disappeared. SportsTalk December 6: In an exclusive interview with the Portuguese media "Global News", Shenhua Club Technical Director Pontes introduced his work in China And all kinds of feelings. among all the

SportsTalk December 6: In an exclusive interview with the Portuguese media “Global News”, Shenhua Club Technical Director Pontes introduced his work in China and his feelings in various aspects. .

After working in many countries, I came to China again this time. How are you doing at Shanghai Shenhua now?

This is one of the biggest clubs in China, but working in a big club is nothing to me. Something new. There are two clubs in Shanghai, Shanghai Haigang and Shanghai Shenhua. There are outstanding players who have been selected for the national team, and there are also one or two players who have trained in Europe. This is a very good experience. Although the requirements for me are very high, I feels good.

How many fans does the club have?

I don’t know this, but I know that the city’s population is nominally 24 million, but I have contacted People who have visited tell me that the population should be close to 30 million. It’s a big city and it’s very football-focused. Shenhua’s home stadium has 60,000 seats, but it is currently unable to reach its maximum capacity because they are building a subway that needs to pass under the stadium, so it can only currently accommodate 40,000 people. It’s usually full at games, I don’t know exactly how many fans there are, but there are a lot of them.

What is your daily life like in Shanghai?

Mainly busy with football. I train in the club gym every other day, starting at 7am and I’m in the office at 8:45 because I usually have work meetings in the morning. I also pay a lot of attention to the team’s training and I’m almost always thereStay on the course until noon and then go to the club restaurant for lunch. After lunch, I meet with a different technical team every day of the week. Whenever there are private contact matches and official matches, I try to go there and watch them. At this stage we will have a period of observation and a lot of analysis, followed by more regular communication with the technical team and some players. Whenever we go out to play, I go with the team because it is very important to get to know the technical team and the players. On the weekends, I watch some games and get to know the city. I am also interested in a lot of the city’s society and culture.

What are your job responsibilities?

I serve as a technical director, responsible for the U11 team to the U21 team. I will have direct contact with the head coach and also I was in constant contact with the sporting director, who invited me to take this position. My goal is to organize a youth training structure, train coaches, and establish a football philosophy that allows players to grow; encourage the best young talents to enter the first team; I also want to recruit players, mainly for the Shanghai area, which is actually When doing what Sporting CP has been doing since 2000, it is mainly to create conditions for young players to grow and become professional football players. This is also my main goal. Now, the club also provides excellent hardware facilities. For example, we have ten pitches including artificial pitches and natural pitches, as well as gyms and swimming pools, all of which are in a closed base. 16 to 21 years old of players also live there.

Do the fans and club leaders know about your relationship with Ronaldo?

The Internet and social networks have been integrated with fans, which are the most important elements in their lives. One of them is mobile phones. In fact, the first thing the club chairman told me when we first met was that the most important thing in China is your mobile phone, and you can’t lose it. People stare at their mobile phones all day long. They hold their mobile phones to send messages on the subway, while driving, and even on motorcycles. Mobile phones have almost become a continuation of their bodies because they can do everything through their mobile phones. They have an instant In social networks, information is transmitted very quickly. Yes, they also know that I was Ronaldo’s guardian and coach and they know very well what is going on in European football. Although the Internet is stillThere are restrictions, but they are normal in countries with this management model.

Do you think this Chinese player has potential?

Many Chinese players have shown great talent between the ages of 13 and 16, but the strange thing is , many of them disappear after this age, I don’t know why, maybe school and academics are a big obstacle, at least in Shanghai, because the cultural level is very high, parents care more about education than sports, especially It’s football. Moreover, there is some corruption in football, and the government has been working hard to solve this problem. If we look back over the years, many owners and sports directors have been arrested for apparent corruption. The situation is much better now and I believe Chinese football will grow again in the next few years.

Can China become a true world football power as it announced a few years ago?

Yes, because China has sent humans into space. This is a highly developed society and a huge nation. Although Shanghai already has about 30 million residents, this is only a small sample. Shanghai is a multicultural city that is constantly developing, socially orderly and very safe. It is an economic city where large multinational companies are concentrated. Since it has the ability to develop well in all fields, they will also be able to develop football well. In terms of the emotional growth stage of players, the football system and how to adapt to high-level football, China still lacks corresponding methods and organizations because they have their own culture. It’s a very large country, which also creates difficulties for teams in terms of playing in various places and organizing events. China should organize events on a more regional scale, just like we do in Portugal. In China, many races require you to spend three or four hours on the road. Not long ago, I went to watch a U21 game, which required a three-and-a-half-hour flight. This was a huge cost for the organization of football events.

Will the Chinese Super League regain its previous glory?

There must be a big company here that injects capital into the club, because football has no financial return; if players are not sold, it will be difficult for the club to maintain its own operations. Many companies ultimately gave up the investment after investing millions, and even some clubs won the championship, but the second It is happening that they were relegated or disbanded in 2008. Chinese football needs stability, and needs to increase investment in youth training to allow young players to grow and create conditions for sustainable development. Clubs also need to be able to generate blood themselves.

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