Walker: I’ve waited so many years to win my first Premier League title and now I’m addicted to it

Walker: I have waited too many years to win my first Premier League title, and now I am addicted to it. SportsTalk, December 6th: Walker said in an interview that Manchester City has indeed had problems with its defense recently, but this is something that the whole team needs to bear. Responsibility. Walker also said that Manchester City players are not complacent.

SportsTalk December 6th: Walker said in an interview that Manchester City has indeed had problems with its defense recently, but this is a responsibility that the entire team needs to share. Walker also said that Manchester City players are not complacent because they also want to taste the taste of winning the championship again.

Talk about Manchester City’s recent defensive problems

As defenders, we are disappointed, but defense is not about the five men at the back, or six men if you include Rodri. Defense is a matter for the entire team of 11 players. The coach requires everyone to defend, and then all 11 players must participate in the offense.

Even you will see our goalkeeper involved in the attack, sometimes he will be involved in passing the ball to organize the attack, because everyone is involved in the game middle. As defenders, we cannot be satisfied, we conceded too many goals, too many at the last moment.

Sometimes this can also be due to a decrease in concentration during decisive moments. In the past, we might take the ball to the corner flag and take five minutes. But the beauty of football is that there’s quickly another game to make amends for mistakes and we face a strong opponent on Wednesday.

Talk about winning the Premier League title with Manchester City

“This is my seventh season at Manchester City and we’ve won five Premier League titles. Do I feel like I’ve become complacent? No. I want to win another title. , because I promise you, there is no better feeling in football than celebrating at the end of the game, when you step onto the podium to receive your medal.

I waited too muchYears later, when I got my first medal, I became addicted to it and I had to keep winning more. The same goes for players such as Seat B, Ederson, Stones, De Bruyne and others who have been here for many years. We have to pass that spirit on to the new group of players or those who have only been here a year or so, and we have to keep moving forward.

We have certain standards. The coach has his own standards for himself and the team. We should also have standards for ourselves, and then as A team working together.

Talk about the team’s recent performance

“Was it a bad performance? To have 10 shots in the first half against Tottenham was a very good performance. They changed in the second half and you have to withstand the counterattacks of the opponent. But the game was in the first half Could it have been 3-1? I definitely think so.”

On his achievements at Manchester City

When I joined Manchester City in 2017, my goal was to win trophies. If you had told me in 2017 that I would win a Premier League title, I would have been over the moon. None of us will truly realize what we accomplished as a team until we retire.

When I was playing in the Premier League, Manchester United won once, Leicester won once, Chelsea won once, and then Manchester City probably won the title , and then Chelsea may win the championship. The team has never won the Premier League title in two consecutive seasons. Now we are chasing four consecutive Premier League titles, which is an unprecedented achievement.

It brings pressure, but that’s why we’re on this team. We should keep improving under this pressure and break another record.

At Manchester City, my work is not done yet. I feel like there are still a lot of trophies to win and I want to be a part of it.

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