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The latest value is 400 million US dollars! O’neill: If there is an NBA team in Las Vegas, I would like to own it alone

NBA legend O’Neill recently gave an interview to the American media “Messenger” and talked about investing in the new NBA team in Las Vegas.

According to previous reports, the NBA is considering expansion, with Las Vegas and Seattle being the two most likely destinations for expansion.

O’Neill said, “I know Las Vegas has not yet obtained NBA authorization to form a team, but if one day Las Vegas obtains authorization, I hope to have my own team. I don’t want to partner with anyone, I think that team belongs to me alone

I have lived in Las Vegas for more than 20 years, and I love it here. I have always been a part of it. I used to own the hottest nightclub in Las Vegas, but later I sold it and now I have 9-10 restaurants there. I have done very well and I want to continue growing with Las Vegas

According to the Messenger, O’Neill’s latest value is $400 million, while the Sun’s previous acquisition price was $4 billion.

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