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Congratulations! China’s snooker team won 7 wins and lost 1, with 3 world champions tragically eliminated. O’Sullivan passed 5-1

On October 11, 2023, the Snooker Wuhan Open continued, with Chinese players winning 7 and losing 1. Zhou Yuelong, Si Jiahui, Yuan Sijun, Lv Haotian, Xu Si, Xing Zihao, and Gong Chenzhi advanced to the top 32. Only Ding Junhui was eliminated, and four seeded players were eliminated. Three of them won the World Championships, while O’Sullivan achieved a 5-1 victory. The top 32 are now only behind Trump’s results.

On the last race day, eight Chinese players made it to the quarterfinals. Xu Si overturned Selby 5-4 and knocked out the world’s fifth place, bringing unexpected surprises. In the decisive game, he withstood the pressure and directly scored 125 points in a single stroke. His overall performance was commendable. Zhou Yuelong swept Anthony Hamilton 5-0 and broke 100 in a single stroke three times, feeling hot and showing strong performance. I hope he can maintain his current state.

Professional newcomer Xing Zihao eliminated Michael White 5-4, creating another commendable record. Gong Chenzhi defeated Jordan Brown 5-3, holding a wild card to compete and pass two consecutive levels. Lv Haotian defeated Chris Wakelin 5-2, and continued to improve his performance. Everyone at home has a strong fighting spirit and is eager to achieve results, proving his ability, especially Zhou Yuelong. Due to psychological issues, he is often questioned by fans.

Young player Yuan Sijun was extraordinary, sweeping Ding Junhui 5-0 with a single shot of 120 points, 102 points, and 100 points. Ding Junhui was accustomed to losing, but this score was still a bit unexpected. Si Jiahui eliminated Jack Jones 5-4, saving a match point, and scored 101 points, 69 points, 65 points, 64 points, and 55 points in a single shot. The entire process was considered safe and easy, and Si Jiahui was confident in creating another good result.

Three world champions were knocked out, not just Xu Si’s 5-4 comeback against Selby, Martin O’Donnell’s 5-1 victory over Higgins, Heffield’s 5-3 elimination of Robertson, Mark Williams’s withdrawal, Sean Murphy’s qualification loss, and the 80 Tigers with Trump remaining. After winning the championship, their appearance time was postponed, and they competed with Oliver Lane for the last spot in the quarter finals. It should not be a problem to play normally.

World number one O’Sullivan achieved a complete victory, scoring 101 points, 69 points, and 62 points in a single shot to eliminate Mark Davis 5-1. O’Sullivan was not in his best form, but his opponents in the first two rounds were weak and did not pose a threat to him. It was a bit suspenseful to fight against Chinese young player Pang Junxu again.

12 Chinese players will advance to the round of 16, followed by Pang Junxu against O’Sullivan, Si Jiahui against Mark Allen, Zhou Yuelong against Heffield, Xing Zihao against Maguire, Zhang Anda against Nopan Sankam, Wu Yize against Ryan Dai, Lv Haotian against Ben Mertens, Yuan Sijun against Ashley Katie, He Guoqiang against Gong Chenzhi, Xu Si against Xiao Guodong. Stay tuned.

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