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2023 Ballon d’Or ranking: Messi wins, Haaland second, Mbappe third, Manchester City 5 in the top 10

2023 Golden Globe Award rankings: Messi won the first place, Harland second, Mbappe third, Manchester City's top 5 10SportsTalk October 31 News The 2023 Golden Globe Award rankings were announced, Messi won the first place, Harland second, Mbappé Pei third, Manchester City has five players in the top ten. 1. Messi (Paris/

SportsTalk reported on October 31 that the 2023 Golden Globe Award rankings were announced. Messi won the first place, Harland was second, Mbappe was third, and 5 people from Manchester City were shortlisted for the top ten.

1. Messi (Paris/Inter Miami, Argentina, 36 years old)

2. Haaland (Manchester City, Norway , 23 years old)

3. Kylian Mbappe (Paris, France, 24 years old)

4. De Bruyne (Manchester City, Belgium, 32 years old)

5. Rodri (Manchester City, Spain, 27 years old)

6. Vinicius (Real Madrid, Brazil, 23 years old)

7. Alvarez (Manchester City, Argentina, 23 years old )

8. Osimhen (Naples, Nigeria, 24 years old)

9. Bernardo Silva (Manchester City, Portugal, 29 years old)

10. Modric (Real Madrid, Croatia, 38 years old)

11. Salah (Liverpool, Egypt, 31 years old)

12. Lewandowski (Barcelona, ​​Poland, 35 years old)

13. Bunu (Seville/Riyadh Crescent, Morocco, 32 years old)

14. Gundogan (Man City/Barcelona, ​​Germany, 33 years old)

15. E-Martinez (Villa, Argentina, 31 years old)

16. Benzema (Real Madrid / United Jeddah, France, 35 years old)

17. Kvaratskhelia (Naples, Georgia, 22 years old)

18. Bellingham (Dortmund/Real Madrid, England, 20 years old)

19. Kane (Tottenham/Bayern, England, 30 years old)

20. Lautaro (Inter Milan, Argentina, 26 years old)

21. Griezmann (Atletico Madrid, France, 32 years old)

22. Kim Min-jae (Naples/Bayern, South Korea, 26 years old)

23. Onana (Inter Milan/Manchester United, Cameroon, 27 years old)

24. Saka (Arsenal, England , 22 years old)

25. Gwadiol ( Leipzig/Manchester City, Croatia, 21 years old)

26. Musiala (Bayern, Germany, 20 years old)

27. Barrera (Inter Milan, Italy, 26 years old)

28. Odegaard (Arsenal, Norway, 24 years old), Mouani (Eintracht Frankfurt/Paris, France, 24 years old)

30. Ruben Dias (Manchester City, Portugal, 26 years old)

2023 Golden Globe Award shortlist:

First batch: Gvardiol (Leipzig/Manchester City, Croatia), Onana (Inter Milan/Manchester United, Cameroon), Benzema (Real Madrid/Jeddah United, France) , Musiala (Bayern, Germany), Salah (Liverpool, Egypt)

Second batch: Saka (Arsenal) , England), De Bruyne (Manchester City, Belgium), Bellingham (Dortmund/Real Madrid, England), Mouani (Eintracht Frankfurt/Paris, France), Bernardo Silva (Manchester City, Portugal)

Third batch: Kvaratschelia (Naples, Georgia), E-Martinez (Villa) , Argentina), Ruben Dias (Manchester City, Portugal), Haaland (Manchester City, Norway), Barrera (Inter Milan, Italy)

Fourth batch: Odegaard (Arsenal, Norway), Gundogan (Manchester City/Barcelona, ​​Germany), Bunu (Sevilla/Riyadh Crescent, Morocco), Alvarez (Man City, Argentina), Vinicius (Real Madrid, Brazil)

Fifth batch: Rodri (Man City, Spain), Lietzmann (Atletico Madrid, France), Messi (Paris/Inter Miami, Argentina), Lautaro (Inter Milan, Argentina), Lewandowski (Barcelona, ​​Poland)

Sixth batch: Kim Min-jae (Naples/Bayern, South Korea), Modric (Real Madrid, Croatia), Kylian Mbappe (Paris, France), Osimhen (Naples, Nigeria), Kane (Tottenham/Bayern, England)

Selection performance reference time:

The reference period for player performance is from August last year to July this year. The Qatar World Cup (November 21 to December 18, 2022) is included in the selection.

Selection rules:

1. Time is measured in seasons instead of natural years

2. Candidate Jury Expansion: Join Ballon d’Or ambassador Didier Drogba and last year’s most insightful voters

3. Only the top FIFA rankings Only 100 national and regional representatives are eligible to vote

4. It is clear that the selection will first consider the personal performance of the players and remove the players from consideration Rules of Career

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