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Lin Wei, who only turned 20 in 19 days, scored 41 points in a single game. He doesn’t like being called “Lin Crazy.”

There are still 19 people who have turned 20. Lin Wei scored 41 points in a single game. He doesn’t like being called "Lin Crazy". On the evening of the 6th, the Nanjing Tongxi Men’s Basketball Team defeated Tianjin 125 to 104. There are still 19 people who have turned 20. The 20-year-old Lin Wei played 34 minutes and 29 seconds, making 13 of 20 shots, 10 of 16 three-pointers, and 5 of 5 free throws.

On the evening of the 6th, the Nanjing Tongxi Men’s Basketball Team defeated the Tianjin Team 125 to 104. Lin Wei, who only turned 20 years old in 19 days, played 34 minutes and 29 seconds, making 13 of 20 shots and a three-pointer. 10 of 16, 5 of 5 free throws, scoring a career-high 41 points. According to data published on the CBA official blog, the 41 points also broke the single-game scoring record for local players in Tongxi team history (the previous highest was Zhao Baiqing’s 40 points). In addition, Lin Wei hit 10 three-pointers in a single game and tied the team’s record of three-pointers made by a local player in a single game held by Xirelijiang.

Since ancient times, heroes have emerged from youth, and Lin Wei is undoubtedly such a player. In fact, Lin Wei already made many people remember his name last season. He was once called “Lin Crazy” by fans for his high scores in many consecutive games. But in an exclusive interview with a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily, Lin Wei said: “I don’t like or even hate being called ‘Lin Crazy’. I just want to be myself.”

Before this 41-point game, Lin Wei’s highest career score was when the Tongxi Men’s Basketball Team upset the Guangsha Men’s Basketball Team after three overtimes on March 9, 2023. He scored 39 points, including a total of 33 points in the final quarter and three overtimes. Especially in the first overtime, he scored 3 consecutive three-pointers. He staged his own “Lin Wei moment” in the CBA. After that game, the nickname “Linsanity” gradually spread.

Like Cui Yongxi of the Guangzhou Men’s Basketball Team, Lin Wei was an absolute supernova in the CBA last season. In Lin Wei, you can see many potentials and characteristics of the next generation of stars, such as a big heart. Lin Wei is definitely a player who can calm down and complete the fatal blow at critical moments. In fact, this can be seen from Lin Wei’s winning goal in his CBA debut. In that game against the Tianjin Men’s Basketball Team, Lin Wei succeeded in a mid-range shot with 10 seconds left in the game. That buzzer beater was a milestone in Lin Wei’s career, and also created CBA history – Lin Wei became the first player to complete a buzzer beater in his career debut.

The end of that gameAfter the game ended, Wang Xidong, the head coach of Tongxi Youth Men’s Basketball Team, updated his WeChat Moments. He wrote: “God rewards those who work hard. I hope we will continue to work hard and maintain it.”

Lin Wei’s growth path is inseparable from Wang Xidong. When Wang Xidong was still coaching the National Youth Men’s Basketball Team, he had a good impression of Lin Wei and wanted to transfer him from the U18 team to the U17 team. But when the team was playing a game, Lin Wei felt that he was not competitive compared with other players, so he gave up. But not long after that, when Lin Wei went with the team to Fuxin for training, it happened that Wang Xidong and the U17 team were also training here. “At that time, Director Wang’s team was short of defenders, so he asked me to go over and practice with him, and then asked me to wait for the recruitment notice. This was the beginning of my training with Director Wang.” Lin Wei recalled this to a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily The scene at that time.

After Lin Wei trained with Wang Xidong in U17 for a period of time, Wang Xidong went to Tongxi Youth Team as the head coach, and Lin Wei also went with him. . In the Tongxi youth team, Lin Wei’s biggest change is his jump shooting technique. “He used to be a jump shot, that is, he didn’t jump much when shooting, but I told him, you have to change to a jump shot. Because in the CBA, your opponents are taller and stronger than you. They open their arms and support you when defending. If you don’t have jump shooting skills, you won’t be able to survive. But if you practice your jump shooting well, it will become your characteristic.” Wang Xidong recalled this to a Beijing Youth Daily reporter.

Wang Xidong trained Lin Wei for more than a year, and he put a lot of effort into Lin Wei. “He will be asked to practice shooting every day. There will be at least three to four high-intensity shooting sessions a week, such as 200 three-pointers, 100 jumpers, and 100 floaters. He will also practice shooting in various scenarios. footsteps and so on.” Wang Xidong said.

“Director Wang has very strict requirements on me and pays special attention to me. He explains some essentials to me every day and shares his experience. I At that time, I actually didn’t know much about CBA and didn’t know how to prepare for it, but every time I asked him, he patiently explained it to me and urged me to get better.” Lin Wei told Beijing Youth newspaper reporter said. The most impressive thing about Lin Wei in the CBA is his shooting. His standard movements, stability and shooting percentage are relatively good, which is rare for a rookie. After Lin Wei scored 41 points, Wang Xidong also updated his circle of friends. He wrote: “Keep working hard towards the goal, boy, come on!”

If Wang Xidong is the leader of Lin Wei’s career, then Xirelijiang is his master and friend. Xirelijiang is the head coach and player of Tongxi Men’s Basketball Team. He trusts Lin Wei very much, gives him a lot of court time and opportunities, allows him to make mistakes, and patiently waits for his growth.

“Sigo has played in the CBA for many years. He knows best what players like and hate most, so he He will understand our hearts very well.” Lin Wei said, “I should be scolded by him the most times as one of the players in the team, but he will often motivate the players in some very gentle ways. For example, Xi Ge He would give me some sneakers from time to time. What impressed me deeply was that when I played well, he gave me shoes, but when I played poorly, he would give me more things. He often told me , try to get the best of the month, set a small goal for yourself, and then work hard to achieve it.”

As the saying goes, the master leads the way. Entering the door, cultivation depends on oneself. This sentence couldn’t be more appropriate for Lin Wei. “He has the energy to refuse to admit defeat.” Wang Xidong said of Lin Wei, “He may not be in the best physical condition among players of his age, but he is definitely the one who trains the hardest.”

After defeating the Guangsha Men’s Basketball Team in three overtimes last season, Guangdong Men’s Basketball Team foreign aid Marshon Brooks rarely wrote on his personal social media: “This kid can be It’s really good.” This is enough to show that Lin Wei has received more and more attention in the league. But to the regret of many fans, Lin Wei was not selected for the Chinese men’s basketball training list due to his good performance. “This is how I look at this matter. Just because I played two good games, I cannot be admitted to the national team. In fact, every player has his or her own highlight moments. To be selected for the national team, a player needs to have continuous stability. performance. I feel that I am still far behind, and it is not as exaggerated as the outside world says. But undoubtedly, entering the national team is my dream and my motivation.” Lin Wei told a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily.

Xirelijiang once participated in a program and talked about what kind of player Lin Wei would become in the future. He said : “I think he should be an active NBA player. Because there are only 450 active NBA players in the world, I think his comprehensive strength, professionalism, understanding and love for basketball should all make him an NBA player.” When talking about whether he has Regarding this dream, Lin Wei said: “No, the goal I set before was to play well in the CBA first.” A reporter from Beijing Youth Daily asked him what type of player he hopes to become.When asked, he smiled and said: “A good player.”

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