Editor-in-Chief of Manchester United: There is currently no sign that Manchester United wants to change coaches. There are bigger problems besides Ten Hag.

Manchester United editor-in-chief: There is currently no sign that Manchester United wants to change coaches, and there are bigger problems besides Ten Hag. SportsTalk, October 30th. Manchester United editor-in-chief Samuel Luckhurst wrote an article about Manchester United’s current situation, saying that Ten Hag is Manchester United’s A problem, but the team has more

SportsTalk, October 30, Manchester United editor-in-chief Samuel Luckhurst wrote an article about Manchester United’s current situation, saying that Ten Hag is a problem for Manchester United, but the team has bigger problems. question.

The reporter first lamented that the gap between Manchester United and Manchester City was so huge, as if it happened in another sport. For Manchester United fans, this Manchester City derby hurts their hearts more than any other city derby in the past 10 years. But according to Manchester United, Manchester United CEO Arnold firmly believes that Manchester United is making progress.

Where is Manchester United headed? There is currently no sign that Manchester United is preparing to change its coach for the fifth time in the past 10 years. Moreover, under the coaching of Ten Hag, Manchester United’s investment is quite large, and it is too early to discuss a coaching change. The team was successful last season. If they can win the next two Champions League games, Manchester United still has A chance to advance to the top 16.

Only a few people currently have confidence in Manchester United. Manchester United is still as fragile as when Solskjaer was coaching, and the team has regressed so much. So fast, compared with last season, the reconstruction is far from complete.

In the game against Manchester City, Ten Hag chose the 35-year-old Evans instead of Varane, choosing to let the central defender go Playing left-back, starting Eriksen, allowed McTominay to play as an attacking midfielder in the first half and a defensive midfielder in the second half. In front of 75,000 spectators, Ten Hag contradicted himself in a desperate attempt at redemption.

Regarding the use of Amrabat, some people at Manchester United foresaw this situation. A senior person did not take Morocco’s performance at the World Cup seriously. He emphasized that small countries often perform well in major events because the pride of representing the national team makes players more focused. For some, this It also gives them the opportunity to transfer. Ziyech is Ten HagOne of the recommended players, but Manchester United rejected his transfer proposal last summer.

In addition, Amrabat and Ten Hag are familiar with each other when they worked together in Utrecht, and his agency He belongs to the same agency company as Ten Hag, and the company’s agent Keith Voss is already a frequent visitor to the high-level box at Old Trafford. Manchester United continue the old-school practice of recruiting for the manager rather than the club, with sporting director Murtaugh increasingly questioned.

Manchester also pointed out that Manchester United’s most expensive signings in the past two summer windows: Anthony and Mount, which cost a total of 146.3 million GBP. But in the derby, Anthony’s performance was embarrassing. Mount came off the bench to inject vitality, but the team performed even worse. United have wanted a dynamic midfielder all summer but invested £60m in someone who is not a midfielder. Maddison, Rice and Bellingham are all England midfielders who have performed well this season, but Manchester United have never come close to them.

Manchester United revealed that senior Manchester United people believe that Maddison and B Fee are too similar, insisting that Mount and Hoy Lun was the first choice target, but that was not to be. Ten Hag has told his close friends that if he could sign anyone, it would be Bellingham, with Kane as his first-choice centre-forward target.

Really ambitious clubs will test Kane’s transfer, but Manchester United is very cold towards him. This was a proven goalscorer, and United ended up opting for an unknown. What you see is what you get, and at such a tender age Hoylen should not be viewed as United’s leading figure.

During the pre-season, Manchester United insiders admitted that Hoylen is still a rough diamond, but when needed, he can play with Rashford takes turns at center forward. However, some problems are beyond Ten Hag’s control. Rashford’s regression this season is entirely caused by himself. Fans have expressed dissatisfaction with the player’s performance more than once. In their view, Rashford After renewing his contract and raising his salary, his status plummeted.

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