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Lillard made his debut against the Lakers on the 16th! Sentiment Letter Brother is like a cheater: we are full of shooters everywhere

On October 12th Beijing time, according to Bucks coach Adrian Griffin, Lillard will make his career debut for the Bucks in a game against the Lakers on October 16th Beijing time. At that time, the letter brother will play with him. In the first two preseason matches of the Bucks, they won 1 and lost 1, with neither Lillard nor Alphabet participating. The Buck official forwarded this news and added an expression of concern.

Although he has not yet played for the Bucks, Lillard stated that he was deeply impressed by the Bucks’ players’ efforts. Usually, everyone is excited at first, but the next few days will be difficult. You will be a bit tired and your mentality will change… Here, my impression is that everyone is working hard every day, in the strength room and on the field, everyone is always training hard. “The Bucks currently have three preseason games left.

Speaking of Letter Brother, although Lillard has not yet teamed up with him in the official match, he has already seen Letter Brother’s dominance in team training. Lillard said: During one training session, I walked around the screen and the defender was in front of him. It was obvious that I could pass the ball to him, but someone on the weak side could assist in blocking him. I thought, ‘The opponent doesn’t want him to get this ball.’ At this point, he pointed to the sky and I hung the ball over. He jumped up to catch the ball, turned around, and directly dunked it with both hands. I was thinking, ‘I’ve never played with a player who can do this before.’

Lillard lamented that the letter brother was like a cheater. As long as he throws the ball, he can catch it without dribbling, dunk directly, and even perform a dunk. He is tall and has more talent than me, which is really impressive, “Lillard said.

The letter brother’s projection technique is considered a weakness, but the Bucks do not lack pitchers. Our strikers are everywhere on the field. Bisley, Dalglish, and Claude are missing. Sometimes, Middleton is also present, and there are strikers everywhere, “Lillard looked satisfied with the lineup’s projection.” The space is wider, and there seem to be many options.

Lillard has confirmed how much threat he and the Alphabet can pose in his debut against the Lakers, let’s wait and see.

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