Kimmich: The seriously overrated Debye core?

Kimmich: The seriously overrated Debye core? After giving away points in the Champions League in mid-week, he received the lowest score, and he left the game in red at the beginning of the weekend league... In just a few days, Kimmich, who had already been at the center of the storm, completely became the object of doubt from the outside world - as Germany in the eyes of the outside world Bayern's double core, now overwhelming quality

Received the lowest score after giving away points in the Champions League in mid-week, and left the game in red at the beginning of the weekend league… In just a few days, we have already been at the forefront of the storm. Kimmich has completely made himself the subject of doubts from the outside world – as the core of Germany’s Bayern double team in the eyes of the outside world, the overwhelming doubts are now proving the cruel fact that Kimmich is seriously overrated.

Little Pig’s follower, Guashuai’s godson

Talk Starting from Kimmich, the outside world seems to have a misunderstanding that Kimmich is a defender. In fact, Kimmich started his football career in Bersingen, coached by his father, and then entered the Stuttgart echelon. He was always a defensive midfielder during the youth training, and regarded the former German captain Schweinsteiger in the same position as a “great player.” example”. As for his shining “academic master” label (a high score of 1.7 after graduating from high school), it also indicates that he is a high-skilled midfielder who relies on his brains to play football.

Therefore, the “academic master” Kimmich not only shows high intelligence on the court, but also has a reasonable understanding of his career. In 2013, at the age of 18, Kimmich made the first important choice of his career – joining RB Leipzig, which had just been promoted to the German Bundesliga. Obviously, Kimmich knows that Stuttgart’s fiercely competitive defensive midfielder position is hard to come by, but Leipzig, which focuses on cultivating “little demons”, provides the best stage to display its potential.

In September 2013, Kimmich made his career debut in a draw with Winterhaching and quickly conquered the team with his all-around performance. In addition to helping the team to be promoted to the Bundesliga 2 that season, Kimmich also won the U19 European Cup with the German youth team as the main midfielder, and then won the Walter Silver Award that year. After playing with the team for half a season in the Bundesliga, a famous coach came here. Kimmich immediately received a call from his agent.Quote: “What would you think if I said Bayern wanted you?”

Initially, Kimmich thought it was just a joke : “Impossible, unless I heard this sentence personally from the Bayern coach.” Soon after, he met Guardiola in the Bayern conference room, and the Bayern management was even less talkative. The transfer fee of 7 million euros for Kimmich was finalized in advance, and the media had no news before this.

Since then, the outside world has begun to pay attention to this young player who made Guardiola admire him in the German Bundesliga. He is not tall at 1.77 meters, but he is on the court. Full of energy, the low center of gravity provides the foundation for passing and controlling kicking. The most important thing is that Kimmich does not rely on talent and speed, but relies on solid basic skills and top-notch football intelligence to always command the team with precise passing and excellent overall view.

Kimmich joined the team just when Xiaozhu left the team, but he got the opportunity to rise to the top. As a result, he quickly made his debut in the Bundesliga and even the Champions League under Pep Guardiola, and even contributed nearly 97% of his passing success rate in his first appearance in the Champions League. After Bayern defeated Stuttgart, Guardiola made a classic saying: “What can I say about Kimmich? He trained very well and played super well today. He is like my son!” p>

In the second half of the 2015-16 season, Bayern’s central defender also hung up the “free card”. Just like how Mascherano was transformed during the Barcelona era, Guardiola decisively moved Kimmich to the central defender position. Although “surprised”, Kimmich’s super high golf quotient made him feel no stranger in the new position, and even successfully blocked Aubameyang in the “German Derby”. When the final whistle sounded, Guardiola rushed into the field impatiently, held Kimmich to his chest and explained affectionately: “I love this young man to death!”

Rham’s successor, from right back to midfielder

With Guardio With the training of Lahm and the experience of Bayern, it was natural for Kimmich to enter the national team. In the 2016 European Cup, the German team had no shortage of high-quality midfielders at this time, but the right back position after Lahm’s withdrawal left coach Loew stretched. Fortunately, the German team Kimmich helped him find the best answer. In the last round of the group stage, Kimmich, wearing the No. 21 jersey, served as right back for the first time, which immediately made people feel like they were in another world, “We remembered Lahm when we were young (Bild)” .

As a football legend, Lahm was also a defensive midfielder. When he was loaned to Stuttgart for training, he switched to full-back and became a top star. . Just like Ram in the past, Kimmich is equally at home at right back, especially his active running, smart forward penetration and precise passing, which have become the team’s biggest surprise. Famous star Tone said: “Kimmich is well-deserved. Ram’s successor, he can follow Ram’s footsteps and become the captain. ”

Thone’s words soon became a reality. In the 2017 Confederations Cup, Loew led the “Germany Second Team” It was originally hoped that the captain and deputy captain Draxler and Mustafi would take up the responsibility, but Kimmich played a leadership role on the court. In the final round of the group stage, the 22-year-old Kimmich wore the captain’s armband for the first time, becoming the captain since 1912. The youngest captain in the history of the German team.

Such performance made Kimmich stand out at Bayern and even the national team, becoming a recognized The best choice for the future captain of Derby. In the following years, from Ancelotti, Heynckes, Kovac, Flick to Nagelsmann, Kimmich has always been trusted by the coach at the club level, and even more Becoming the third captain after Neuer and Muller, it seems only a matter of time before he officially takes over.

It should be pointed out that Kimmich during this period did not stay. At right back – as early as Kovac’s first season coaching Bayern, after going through the pain of 4141 (433), he returned to the 4231 system. It was Kimmich and Goretzka who had played in Germany.The U21 team’s double defensive midfielders worked wonders, and domestic fans began to call them the “magnetic card machine” or “magnetic chicken” combination. Kovac praised: “This is a great double midfielder, and it is very interesting to work with them.”

Season 2, In the 2019-20 season, when Bayern changed coaches midway, Flick still placed Kimmich in the midfielder position after taking over. Here is a set of data: Flick coached Bayern in 24 league games this season. Kimmich played in 23 games, of which 20 games were as a midfielder and only 3 games were as a right back. During this period, there was a wonderful lob shot to win the “German Derby” Performance.

It was not until the Champions League rematch that season that Kimmich returned to right back due to Thiago’s return and Pavard’s injury. Assisted Koeman to score in the final, and then helped the team complete the “Triple Crown”. At the end of the season, even if it was a bit embarrassing, UEFA still named Kimmich the best defender of the season; on the contrary, in the 2020 Best Team selected by FIFA at the end of the year, Kimmich was finally listed in the midfield position.

The six-time championship season reached its peak, and the development trajectory took a sharp turn

Not difficult to understand , after Thiago left Bayern in the summer window of 2020, Kimmich took over the No. 6 jersey without hesitation and has since become the well-deserved main midfielder and core midfielder. In the following 2020-21 season, Kimmich contributed a buzzer beater at the beginning to help the team win the German Super Cup, and then won the “Six Crowns” in early 2021. At this time, Kimmich’s worth in the “German transfer market” rose to 90 million euros, the highest in history!

“Kimmich’s exquisite passing and super high football intelligence bring Bayern a sense of security.” Just like the famous Efenbaugh According to Ge’s evaluation at the time, if it were fixed at this point, I’m afraid no voice would question Kimmich’s top level in the midfielder position. Unexpectedly, Kimmich’s development trajectory has taken a sharp turn since then – especially after the coaching change in 2021, this “star of hope” has gradually become the team’s biggest controversy.

In fact, as Bayern’s two “No. 6”, Kimmich will inevitably be compared with Thiago. As the son of former Brazil international Mazinho, Thiago from La Masia is skilled and good at controlling the ball. On the field, Kimmich can always “turn the impossible into the possible”; Kimmich, who was born in China, is in line with the German football style, and “turns the possible into the possible” like following the rules on the field. They are two completely different styles.

So in the Flick era, high-pressing and wide-open tactics allowed Kimmich to maximize his characteristics, especially his ability to run well. , The style of strong reading ability drove the team’s high-tempo and high-intensity overall offense. However, from Nagelsmann to Tuchel, as Bayern slowed down and strengthened passing control, Kimmich’s small technical deficiencies , for example, is far inferior to Thiago’s ability to get rid of the ball, which has gradually become a direct manifestation of offensive discomfort, and also caused Kimmich’s growth to encounter a bottleneck.

I don’t want to think that at this moment, the invasion of the new crown has given Kimmich a fatal double blow at the psychological and physical levels!

Reviewing the outbreak of the new coronavirus epidemic At that time, Kimmich and Goretzka jointly launched the “WeKickCorona” charity event, which raised more than 5 million euros for charity relief and medical research and was well received. However, in October 2021, the German media suddenly revealed that Kimmich Xi has not been vaccinated for a long time and even publicly questioned its safety. Such dual attitude immediately caused an uproar across Germany.

Shortly thereafter, the basic Kimmich was diagnosed positive and even developed pulmonary infiltrates. According to Frobos, a medical expert at the Cologne Institute of Sport, “This situation could have been avoided by vaccination, but Kimmich did not listen to the advice. Even after recovery, there is still a risk of lung function damage for a long time, which is very serious for athletes. “That’s why,Coupled with his previous isolation as a close contact, this kept Kimmich away from the competition for 3 months…

Performance was comprehensive Declining, encountering double crisis

Such controversy made Kimmich, who felt deeply guilty, selected as “the most frustrated player in the first half of the 2021-22 season.” After returning in early 2022, Kimmich was more like a different person under the double blow – different from the midfield master expected by the outside world, Kimmich has gradually drifted away on the opposite path.

So we saw that Kimmich lost his past spirituality and confidence after his comeback, and became more reserved and cautious on the court. Restraint, fear of confrontation, and dare not control the ball. It seems that the passing success rate has slightly improved, but in fact, there are more and more nanny passes. “Kicker” description: “Kimmich has no ‘secrets’ on the field. He is procrastinating when getting the ball. Evenfans in the stands can predict his next move, let alone the field. Your opponent?”

In addition to psychological changes, a more direct manifestation is the decline of the physical level. “One stop, two looks and three passes back”, this is a joke made by fans on Kimmich. It can be seen thathis speed on the court has obviously decreased, his rhythm has obviously slowed down, and some of his movements even look stiff and amateurish. For the core midfielder, Kimmich not only failed to protect the defense and revitalize the offense, but sometimes became a “lagging behind” on both ends of the offense and defense.

Coming to this season, Kimmich’s decline is the most obvious: the average steals per game dropped from 2.36 last season to 1.89. The average number of interceptions per game dropped from 1.27 to 0.89, the average number of clearances per game dropped from 1.09 to 0.44, and the average number of key passes dropped from 2.6 times. In addition, Kimmich has scored 0 goals so far this season, and his shooting accuracy rate as low as 27% (last season was 43%) has verified that unreasonable shots have increased significantly, and his value in the “German transfer market” has dropped to 75 million euros.

Looking at Kimmich’s disaster performance last week, it is undoubtedly a direct portrayal of the bad state. First, in the Champions League, he was intercepted in front of the penalty area, but fortunately his opponent missed the opportunity; then in the weekend league, he not only failed to learn his lesson, but actually left the field in red after being intercepted in the same area, and the game was only 4 minutes old. Such a performance forced those who previously defended Kimmich to shut up.

“Kimmich wants to control the ball in the style of a No. 6 player, but you shouldn’t do that in the defensive zone. We have already I learned this when I was in the youth team!” After the game, the famous star Matthaus criticized mercilessly, and such voices have become the mainstream this season. The famous Basler said bluntly: “Kimmich slowed down the game. And he wants to do everything on the field, take corner kicks, score goals, chase behind the goalkeeper, but often loses his position.”

It is difficult to say what caused Kimmich to fall from the “star of hope” to the “target of public criticism.” Functional regression caused by the sequelae of the new crown, or tactical discomfort caused by Bayern’s consecutive coaching changes? In any case, it is an indisputable fact that Bayern’s record and dominance have declined significantly in recent seasons. As the new core, Kimmich’s controversial performance will inevitably be regarded as the culprit.

Growth gradually goes off track, and the title of “ball tyrant” emerges

Except Kimmich’s performance of not advancing but retreating on the field is more controversial off the field! Perhaps he had long been regarded as the successor to the double captain of Debye, but the “spurring” from the top management and the outside world gradually caused Kimmich to deviate from the right track – those seemingly “young and mature” series of behaviors could not cover up Kimmich’s performance at all. Continuous controversies in the process of growing into a core (captain).

As early as after the 2018 World Cup, with the clubAs the status of the club and the national team improved, the outside world discovered that Kimmich became keen on “performing his duties” off the court. For example, he hinted that the head coach was improperly hired for the World Cup, publicly criticized the team’s performance in the league, and bluntly stated that the team was in urgent need of signings during the transfer period. Even when Bayern’s top management fired Kahn and Sally after the end of last season, Kimmich did not forget to question ” The time is unreasonable”.

Initially, Kimmich’s positive remarks aroused praise, but the outside world soon discovered that these positive remarks could be replaced by “surrogate” To describe it, it naturally made the team’s senior management and core veterans quite uncomfortable. Not only that, Kimmich’s goal sometimes turns to his own teammates, giving people an impression of arrogance and arrogance.

In the 2019 preseason, Kimmich’s error in returning a pass led to Ulreich being sent off, but he dismissed it after the game. Push responsibility to teammates. After facing Borussia Monchengladbach at the start of the season, Kimmich said after his failed interception led to Hama sending a penalty, “I have never seen a more certain penalty than this.” After that, against Werder Bremen, it was Kimmich’s mistake that led to Boa’s penalty. Teng was eaten alive by his opponent. However, Boateng is not a vegetarian. When Kimmich stepped forward to criticize, he directly “butted the bull”.

Some people say that these controversies are just due to Kimmich’s “strong and competitive” temperament. However, it was this lack of external pampering that made Kimmich gradually lost. In the 2019 German Super Cup, the impatient Kimmich stepped on Sancho on the sidelines. After the game, he defended this red card action as “unlucky”, so that the German media questioned for the first time that Kimmich “has no playing field that a future leader should have” quality and responsibility”.

Such a temperament has forced many experts and celebrities to stand up and beat Kimmich. For example, Sauer once pointed out: “Kimmich makes too many comments. He is like the Thunberg (Swedish environmental girl) of German football.At this age, he feels that he needs to give advice on everything, and Not good.” Effenberg said: “Driving the team is what a leader should do, and it is definitely not what Kimmich does.”

The recently released Germany’s World CupThe World Cup documentary also exposed the conflict between Kimmich and teammates Rudiger and Süle. Among them, Süle even accused Kimmich in front of coach Flick: “I’m warning you, don’t keep nagging me!” In addition, let’s think about Kimmich’s refusal to play right back at the club and publicly stated this summer that ” “I am the No. 6” and other rumors, it can be seen that more and more reports are pointing out that Kimmich is like a “ball tyrant”.

Conclusion: Kimmich is 28 years old!

After Germany defeated Qatar last year, Kimmich suddenly said negatively after the game: “I am worried that I will fall into a pit of self-doubt and fail.” This made Bayern Munich Management was worried and took psychological counseling. It can be said that as the new generation leader expected by the outside world, Kimmich can no longer see the shadow of Lahm or Xiaozhu after the collapse – now, you believe that he can do what Lahm did, and the team lost the Champions League. Still standing as a champion?

In this regard, the Bayern management, who returned this season, also found that Kimmich’s development was somewhat out of control. Supervisory board member Rummenigge said: Public criticism: “In the past two years, we have had some shortcomings in the internal power structure. There are several self-righteous bosses in the team.” As for what the senior leaders pointed out, the first thing Bild analyzed was Kimmich: “His tough style hinders development, it has not been recognized internally.”

As for the national team level, Flick transferred the captain’s armband to Gundogan before he was “dismissed”. . It’s just that “winning is not terrible, but it will be embarrassing if someone is missing.” After Kimmich missed consecutive games in Germany’s victory over France and the United States, the voice of doubt reached its peak, as Effenberg said: “Kimmich is getting more and more difficult. , the situation of ‘you will be the main force when you come back’ is over.”

No matter what, the uproar of public opinion about Kimmich will not fade away quietly. Is this “Debai core” seriously overrated like the emperor’s new clothes? There seems to be little chance to prove it, after all, Kimmich Unknowingly, he is 28 years old. Next, can Tuchel’s new player at No. 6, who has always been obsessed with it, rescue Kimmich like Hama who was next to Xiaozhu back then? It is also possible that he will be completely sent to the bench or Right back.

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