ESPN: This Spurs team is reminiscent of Fox City when they won the Premier League title

ESPN: This Tottenham team is reminiscent of Fox City, which won the Premier League championship that year. SportsTalk, October 30th: Tottenham had a fantastic start to the season. After defeating Crystal Palace 2-1 away from home, they continued to lead the Premier League with an unbeaten record. ranking. The win over Crystal Palace, obviously not

SportsTalk, October 30, Tottenham have had a fantastic start to the season. After defeating Crystal Palace 2-1 in an away game, they continue to lead the Premier League standings with an unbeaten record.

The victory over Crystal Palace was obviously not Tottenham’s best game of the season, but in the end they still took it away from home After scoring 3 points, Madison continued to shine on the court and participated in the team’s two goals. Van der Ven once again used his speed and body to win every confrontation. Bentancur also returned from injury smoothly and his condition seemed to be recovering well.

ESPN football expert Steve Nicol said that the new Tottenham team under Postkoglu is reminiscent of Leicester City, which staged the miracle of winning the Premier League that year. “You will always have times in the game when you are not in your best form, but the key is to win the game.”

“Honestly, I’m sitting here watching Tottenham, and it reminds me of the Leicester City team back then. Many people now say that Tottenham’s lineup is not enough to win the Premier League championship, but many people also said the same about Leicester City at the time. .”

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