TA: Tonali is actively conducting targeted training, and everyone at Newcastle is helping him

TA: Tonali is actively conducting targeted training, and everyone at Newcastle is helping him. SportsTalk reported on December 13 that according to "The Athletic", Tonali is actively conducting targeted training, and the entire team is helping him. help him. Since Tonali last participated

SportsTalk December 13 According to “The Athletic”, Tonali is actively conducting targeted training, and the entire team is helping him.

Seven weeks have passed since Tonali last played a game, and he will officially be released from the ban on August 27, 2024. This incident will have a profound impact on everyone involved. Newcastle, AC Milan, and Italian football are all involved, but Tonali himself is undoubtedly the player most affected by the incident. But within Newcastle, there is no feeling of irritation towards Tonali. Newcastle believed from top to bottom that he was fighting a disease and rallied around him. However, with Newcastle currently full of injuries, it is indeed unacceptable to see a player of Tonali’s caliber unable to participate in the game.

Eddie Howe talked about Tonali in an interview last month. He said in the interview: “I do It’s frustrating to see such a result, but it’s gratifying to see him maintain a high level in training. It’s difficult to maintain a high level of training every day in such a situation, but Tonali did it. “Newcastle has tailored various trainings for Tonali, especially in terms of running, because targeted running and pressing are very important to Newcastle’s tactical system, and they hope that Tonali will Able to integrate seamlessly into the team upon return.

However, people are more concerned about how Tonali can make up for the impact of being unable to participate in the game. A senior source said: “We all know that Tonali must also want to play, how to keep him motivated without playing is a big problem. Everything in football players is established On a match basis, that adrenaline generation is something you can’t provide them with in training.”

Newcastle face Tonali’s ability is still very recognized. When Tonali was previously traded, a Newcastle executive praised Tonali’s potential and believed that heHe’s as good a player as Rice. In addition, Eddie Howe also recognized Tonali very much and believed that he will be a player who can leave his own chapter in Newcastle. However, for Newcastle at the moment, the first thing they have to solve is the team’s signing problem in the winter window. Tonali’s suspension has affected the team’s original plan, and coupled with the current continuous injuries, Newcastle have to reconsider their signing plan again.

In addition, the Financial Fair Play Act is also a limiting factor for them. Newcastle need to wait until the end of this month to confirm that they will eventually strengthen. Which position on the team. Calvin Phillips is one of their long-term targets, but he is not Newcastle’s only option. Newcastle’s current consideration is that if Tonali is healthy, he will return in August next year. Newcastle are hoping to sign players to bolster their midfield, but they have yet to decide whether to sign a player on loan or permanently.

Currently, Tonali is still the subject of an investigation by the Football Association, and his punishment is for his participation in football betting in Italy behavior, so it is not yet known whether Tonali will be able to return at the expected time.

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