Weber commented on the penalty in Chelsea vs. Brighton: the referee made two misjudgments and VAR made two corrections

Weber commented on the penalty in Chelsea vs. Brighton: the referee made two misjudgments and VAR made two corrections. SportsTalk, December 13th. Recently, Weber, the chief operating officer of PGMOL, an organization that supervises league match officials, commented on Chelsea’s 3-2 victory over Brighton. Several penalties in the game

SportsTalk December 13 News Recently, Webb, the chief operating officer of PGMOL, an organization that oversees league match officials, made his own comments on several penalties in Chelsea’s 3-2 victory over Brighton. .

Event 1: Jackson passed a single-handed ball to Mudrick, who fell to the ground due to interference from Milner

The game official’s approach: Referee Craig Pawson did not award a penalty kick and the game continued. VAR recommended that Pawson review the incident, after which he awarded Chelsea a penalty and showed Milner a yellow card.

Webb: “I think it’s a penalty. I think the video shows Mudrick moving forward with the ball and he’s running towards the ball , past Milner, and he had enough pace to chase the ball. That’s when Milner tripped Mudrick.”

“You can see the foot is important here, the foot tripped Mudric and when Milner pressed, for me it was a clear foul and the right advice from VAR. If you want Interfering and not trying to destroy the ball, then if it is pushing, pulling, pushing, etc., you will be sent off with a red card, but this year, they have slightly modified the rules to include a yellow card for trying to steal the ball.

“So in this case, the referee thought Milner was trying to steal the ball. Well, he wasn’t actually kicking the ball, but he was trying to get into that position and destroy Mudrick’s possession of the ball. Therefore, under this year’s rule changes, he considered the ball worthy of a yellow card. Again, showing a yellow card instead of a red card was the correct call. ”

Event 2: Colwell received a penalty kick for handball in the penalty area

What the match official did: Pawson awarded a penalty kick, but based on the advice of VAR, the penalty was overturned and a dropped ball was awarded.

Webber: “It was [handball] and I think that situation really illustrates the value of VAR. In the 99th minute, with Chelsea leading 3-2, the ball was passed in and it hit Colwell and his arm. ”

“The ball went out of the baseline. It was originally supposed to be a corner kick, but the referee determined in real time that the ball hit the hand raised by Colwell. Right arm. The video showed that wasn’t the case – the ball just hit him in the face – so we got the benefit of VAR being able to observe, intervene, correct that by canceling the wrongly awarded penalty, which is what VAR does in this Real examples of value in important moments.

“Without that wrongly awarded penalty, Brighton would have been awarded a corner – and that’s what they deserved. Re It starts as a sinker. If the whistle blows while the game is in progress, then it must be a sinker – the ball restarts, but in this case the ball has clearly gone out of the baseline. Therefore, we think it should be given A corner kick – that’s the feedback we gave our group.”

“Also, it’s a question of fact – whether the ball was hit Hit in the arm? The video clearly shows no. So we don’t think it’s necessary to go to the screen in this case – it would take a few more seconds, so let’s change the decision based on the facts, like when the ball hits the offensive man arm and put the shot in the goal. It will save some time, which is important especially if we want to maintain efficiency in watching replays.”

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