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About one-fifth of the players in the Women’s World Cup experienced cyber violence, with the United States and Argentina teams experiencing the most cyber violence.

About one-fifth of the players at the Women's World Cup suffered from online violence, with the U.S. and Argentina teams suffering the most. SportsTalk, December 13 According to the Global Times, about one-fifth of the players at the 2023 Women's World Cup suffered from online violence. FIFA announced on the 11th the "FIFA Women's World Cup"

SportsTalk December 13 According to the “Global Times” report, about 1/5 of the players in the 2023 Women’s World Cup suffered from online violence.

FIFA announced the “FIFA Women’s World Cup Social Media Protection Service – Analysis of the 2023 Australia/New Zealand World Cup” on the 11th. The report shows that among the 697 players participating in this Women’s World Cup, 152 players, accounting for about 1/5 of all players, have been abused online. They have received targeted discrimination, abuse or threatening messages on social platforms.

During the 2023 Women’s World Cup, the Social Media Protection Service (SMPS) system used artificial intelligence to analyze 5.1 million posts in 35 languages. and discussions, 102,000 of which were marked for manual analysis, and 7,085 accounts were marked as “using cyber violence.” To protect players, SMPS hid 117,000 comments.

FIFA said that it will be easier for female players to participate in the 2023 Australia and New Zealand Women’s World Cup than male players at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. The United States and Argentina are the two teams that have suffered the most cyber violence. ESPN said that of the 7,085 accounts involved in online violence, two-thirds came from North and Central America. In the early stages of the competition, attacks against the US women’s football team were mainly focused on “refusing to sing the national anthem before the game”; after the US women’s football team lost to the Swedish women’s football team, , the attack this team encountered reached the highest peak in the entire tournament.

In addition, the Spanish women’s football team defeated the England women’s football team in the final to become the second high point. The British “Guardian” stated that members of the British royal family (Prince William, chairman of the Football Association) and Prime Minister Sunak were absent from the final, triggering a surge in online violent messages. After the game, the then president of the Spanish Football Federation, Rubiales, “forcibly kissed” a female player, which triggered a crisis in public opinion.

Colombian player Lacey Santos said: “IfApart from defeat, what can make players very painful is all the ridicule and insulting remarks. We are not only professional players, we are also ordinary people. Only a few players can tolerate brutal abuse online, most cannot. From the perspective of players’ mental health, online violence is a very sensitive issue. “FIFA President Infantino said: “Those who engage in online violence or threats should have no place on social media. ”

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