South Korea vs Tunisia starting lineup: Captain Kim Min-jae, Lee Gang-in and Hwang Hee-chan start, Son Heung-min is substitute

In a friendly football match, the Korean men’s football team faced the Tunisian men’s football team at home. Before the game, both sides announced the starting lineup.

South Korea’s starting lineup: 1-Kim Seung-gyu, 2-Lee Ji-dee, 4-Kim Min-jae, 15-Jung Seung-hyun, 22-Seol Young-woo, 5-Park Yong-woo, 6-Hwang In-beom, 10-Lee Jae-sung, 18-Lee Gang-in, 11-Hwang Hee-chan, 9-Cao Guicheng

South Korean substitutes: 21-Cho Hyun-woo, 12-Kim Junhong, 19-Kim Young-kwon, 20-Kim Joo-sung, 3-Kim Jin-soo, 23-Kim Tae-hwan, 14-Moon Sun-min, 13-Lee Soon-min, 17-Jung Woo-young, 8-Hong Hyun-suk, 7 -Son Heung-min, 24-Oh Hyun-kui, 16-Hwang Eui-suke

Tunisia starting line-up: 16-Damen, 13-Abdi, 3-Talbi, 4-Meria, 17-Shiri, 14-Leduni, 12-Malur, 21-Kehrida, 11 -Acholi, 10-Hannibal, 7-Msakni

Tunisia substitutes: 1-Hassen, 22-Ben Said, 2-Valery, 25-Hadadi, 5-Glam, 20-Drege, 6-Rafiya, 8-Ben Suleiman , 15-Ben Ramadan, 18-Latef, 23-Sliti, 9-Jebali, 19-Juini

In terms of world rankings, South Korea ranks 26th and Tunisia ranks 29th. In terms of the historical confrontation record between the two teams, Tunisia has the upper hand with 1 win and 1 draw.

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